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Suffering in the morning

Hi everyone,

Never posted before so I'll give you a bit of background. I'm 26 but been diagnosed with asthma since I was 18 months old and have brittle asthma. I'm normally either having a really tough time breathing or I'm good. I normally really suffer through September but actually made it through this one with no steroids but here's the problem. I keep waking up feeling really tight chested in the morning but seems to ease off during the day. I have a nebuliser and it helps. Also if I don't have one before bed it wakes me up in the night at the moment. I then seem ok during the day unless I do a lot of walking or stairs seem to be a big issue. Any ideas what the issue could be?

Many thanks for your help

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The tight chest sounds to me like "silent asthma" especially the fact that you have trouble going up stairs. Over the last few years my asthma has been mostly the silent type - no audible wheeze. When the nebuliser helps you, do you cough up phlegm or is it just easier to breathe? Could you have the beginnings of a chest infection? I have no idea but a tight chest for me often precedes an infection. Check it out with your doctor and all the very best.


Have you been allergy tested to dustmites, pollens and moulds? I assume you have no hairy pets.


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