Android app anyone?

Hi, I'm new to this forum, just looking for a little advice, my asthma isn't under control so dr trying increased steroid inhaler. Does anyone use android app to record rescue inhaler use? Trying to take notes or remember if there is an improvement is difficult once you get in the surgery. Last time I said it was much better but clearly it wasn't.

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  • I use AsthmaMD which allows you to record peak flow/symptoms/ventolin useage and it plots it on a graph

  • Thank you I will try it.

  • When you click on the diary-chart tab, you have to turn your phone on the side to see the graph ( took ages for me to find that out lol)

  • Thanks just downloaded will try it out, not that I want to use the ventolin but haven't managed to not use it yet. Although new steroids do seem to be better so fingers crossed

  • I use asthma md as well

  • I also use Asthma MD

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