Asthma Feelings


Ive recently been on a preventer for Asthma and am due to go on holiday on Monday.

I have noticed my chest doesnt feel quite right, i can take in deep breaths but then get like a ball type feeling in my upper chest. I then cough. Sometimes as i walk i lose a breath.

Does this relate to anything or is this my anxiety? Im seeing an asthma nurse tomorriw afternoon but wanted to seek opinions as im panicing i wont be able to fly.

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  • It's hard to know exactly what the feelings you have relate to. Are you taking peak flow readings? Are they affected when you take the reliever?

    As for flying, I'd speak to a nurse/GP as they will know if there's anything that might prevent it. However I've flown whilst experiencing breathing trouble & it's been OK.

  • Thanks. Im very new to the whole Asthma health problem but i am seeing the nurse today. I havent used my releaver as was advised to only use that when i struggle to catch a breath as last month i was using it often to try and find out if it was asthma or anxiety and got told off! Ha

  • Hi CSmidge, I would get it checked to be sure, stress can cause asthma, you know yourself if you feel stress at the moment..take your salbutamol and see if that works, then you know it is asthma based. Take care xx

  • Im seeing the nurse today. Im very new to all this and feel very uninformed on my asthma but hopefully today i will get answers.

    I can take deep breaths in no worries so im hoping im just anxious and stressed about it all

  • yes if you are new to asthma it can be difficult but don't overworry you will get it under control. Before I fly I take 2 puffs of my reliever anyway it helps and flying is not a big thing except if you are forbidden to do so, you can keep your reliever in your pocket and have another couple, don't forget to inhale slowly through your nose and exhale like if you are blowing a candle do it 4 or 5 times regularly, it will help to calm you down and to regulate your oxygen flow into your lungs. Take care CSmidge xx

  • Thanks guys. Nurse said my breathing has improved and im blowing better on the machine. She never addressed why my chest feels tight though and burny. Im starting to think its acid reflux so im at my doctors on Friday.

    I just want to make sure my chest is clear from anything b4 i fly, im a nervous flyer anyway

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