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a viral letter of a man

Hi everyone. has anyone here read about the story of a man who made a letter for the nurses who took care of his wife before dying from asthma? Peter DeMarco was the guy. I stalked the woman and it really amazed me that she does weightlifting and seems to be really healthy, what frightened me and saddens me is that how could a woman so athletic strong and healthy can still be a victim of death from asthma. Not trying to send bad vibrations here but I hope someone could answer my worries too.

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We all need to try and eat healthily and exercise to help keep us as strong as possible to fight those nasty infections and look after our body. We also need to understand and control our Asthma and allergies. A young healthy woman near me had Asthma and died after having a bad reaction to something. I understand that it is the strain on the heart that actually finishes off the person who is having the severe Asthma Attack. Also, if it is a particularly nasty bug, we may not be able to fight that. International swimmers can end up with Asthma I understand. Over use of Ventolin\salbutamol also can cause problems for the heart. May be some of this explains some of it. Anyone can have Asthma at any time of their life. Recently I have come across people who have come I to hospital with Pneumonia, and ended up with Adult onset Severe Asthma.


No I didn't, how awful..


On the positive side of Asthma supporting each other will help us all better understand our bodies and asthma. Supporting the work of asthma Uk so they can find a cure and better treatment while we wait for that cure.

I agree we must do the best for ourselves both physically and mentally. I have my faith to keep me strong. For I know the plans I have for you not to harm you but to give you a hope and future. Jeremiah 29:11

I bring my worries to him rather than let it stew in my mind. It says in the bible do not worry 365 times God knows we are but fragile bodies and minds. However my heart and spirit cry out to God and he answers me in my distress. I pray for piece of mind for you Happylondon. I pray that this post help you to know that God loves you and wants the best for you.

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Hi it is a sad fact but true re the pressure on the heart and it is very scary. Recent experience can confirm that. Sadly my sister in law died from an asthma attack many years ago now. It both a natural and normal fear as it makes us realise our vulnerability and our own mortality. The trick is not to dwell on it which isn't easy especially after having life threatening episodes. But in essence what choice do we have. Worry and stress can exacerbate the asthma and all we can do is be as proactive as possible in our own rehabilitation again. Try and ensure we stay as healthy as limitations allow us to be. We all get down days and that ok too and that's when the people we bump into here are invaluable. Because we all understand the feeling and share a common bond with great empathy.

Please try and have a lovely breath easy day. Accept my smile 🙂 And pass it on to the next person as they also might need it. X


Hi, at the risk of patronising, asthma is not always going to stop you from being fit and healthy. After 30 odd years of working in a physical job I had to give up after injury, as I became less active my asthma got worse as did the colds. I recently took up cycling which does not cause massive amount of pain like some activity and have found my peak flow is improving, energy and motivation improving. But the right triggers will still stop me breathing.


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