Struggling getting inhalers from doctor

I have had asthma since I was about 4 years old. My asthma recently has been really bad and I am getting through an inhaler every two weeks. The doctor is reluctant to give me them and the last one he said it's the last time he gives me one in such a short time because I have to use my brown I am now using my brown about 15 puffs a day because he said to up the dose and due to not having a salamol easy breathe I am really struggling. Does anyone have the same problem when they pay for pre paid prescriptions not getting prescribed enough. So worried at needing it at work as I simply don't have one!

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  • Why are you going through so many inhalers? Is your asthma under control? Dr's are under stress to economies. I was told the exact price of my inhaler the other day. £80-£90. I hope and pray you get sorted soon.

  • Your asthma is not controlled and using 15 puffs a day of brown inhaler is not good. You need to make an urgent appointment to have your asthma and inhaler use reviewed.

    You could also call the asthma U.K. Helpline and speak to a nurse.

  • Obviously the preventative (brown inhaler) is not keeping your asthma under control and generally needs to be used only morning and night. Your doctor should change you to another preventative which is stronger. I was told by an asthma nurse if you need to use your blue inhaler more than three times a week then your asthma is not under control. I would make an urgent appointment to see your asthma nurse to discuss your medication and whether you are taking your inhalers correctly. Good luck!

  • Hi Jim here I get 4 a week ..if you need them he can not say no .its only cut backs so they save money ..

  • You need a much stronger inhaler .Since my g p put me on SIRDUPLAR ,which is a type of seretide I hardly use my blue or brown inhaler any more . Persevere with your g p ..... until you find what suits you Good luck Best Marilyn

  • I understand what your doctor is saying sadly I'm not sure it's been explained to you properly.

    Using 15 puffs of your brown inhaler a day when you have chest tightness will do... nothing, because the brown inhaler is a slow acting corticosteroid (usually beclomethasone) so the brown Inhaler needs to be taken a set amount of times (the steroids are supposed to be long term inflamation fighters to 'prevent' flare ups but take a week plus to start to really work)

    The salamol/salbutamol is a fast acting short lived (1-4 hours but I find they can wear off after 30-45 mins) broncho dilator (smooth airway muscle relaxer)

    If I where you and you are using 1 every 2 weeks (which I make 50 Doses a week??) ... I would be going back to my gp and saying this isn't working (which I did week or so ago after struggling a bit for 2 weeks,not as bad as you but using the blue more than once a day which is more than recommended if asthma is controlled )

    The reason your gp will be reluctant to keep handing out blue inhalers is because if your asthma is well controlled you should use your blue Inhaler infrequently (less than 3 times a week according to asthma uk)

    So giving you 104 inhalers a year is a sign that your asthma is really poorly controlled and it may be worth changing preventer/increasing medication


  • Very comprehensive reply 👍

  • Thanks, sadly I've seen GP's who say things but don't explain however I always ask questions, what does that do? Why? What's that for?.... like an annoying child but if I'm putting it in me I want to know what it's supposed to do and how long it's supposed to take to work and most importantly why I'm taking it

    You would think GP's would want you to know why your taking something and how long it's supposed to take to work etc as they then give you the Inormation to better manage conditions and make informed decisions about medication your taking and whether it's working (saving wasted doctors appointments)

  • You really need to go back to your GP and ask for a referral to an Asthma Specialist Consultant. The brown inhaler is obviously not enough to keep control of your Asthma. The idea is that you should not need your Ventolin\salbutamol inhaler more than once or twice a day, if at all. Do you use your spacer with the ventolin\salbutamol? If not, you need to as it doubles the amount that gets down into your lungs.I am assuming your brown inhaler is a steroid inhaler, not a reliever, but a preventer. Do you monitor your peak flow? Please see your GP or Asthma Nurse and explain that you are having difficulties. Your Asthma really needs sorting out.

  • Sorry to hear u having so much trouble I get mine no trouble have a good doc I would go to a&me if u feeling that bad and get urself assessed they will sort u out and hopefully give i the right drugs to help u. Take care

  • Hi Searley if you are taking 15 puffs a day of your brown you need to see the GP about switching inhalers, it is not probably strong enough for you. There are a whole range of inhalers on the market. Ask for a review, Take care.

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