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Hi all you may remember me talking about air conditioning and it's affects on my asthma. I went to my local leisure centre on Thursday to do my plates class and the air con was on. I did trigger my asthma I didn't say anything too polite and well english. Friday another class but this time of. Did say ssomething but was apologising for mentioning it.

Went back today to the leisure centre for a swim fine (Thursday not first had to use my inhaler swimming) but that down to my body getting use to lower dose of sure tide. Skip swimming yesterday.

BUT decided to ask of they won't use air con in classes I attend. Got talking to the duty manager who said that they were thinking of adding air purifier to their studio. He said it was very interesting what the people said about having air purifier taking all the allergy out of the air. They are going to have the leisure centre survey in the next couple of weeks.

Watch this space but I am still going to ask if they can get by without air conditioning. The studio has floor to ceiling windows and curtains too which don't seem to be ever used. I mention that they would hold a lot of dust.

As my mum says you don't get what you don't ask. I think this would come under reasonable adjustments? !

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  • Hi, I'm pretty sure that A/C systems can get full of bacteria an moulds which then get blown out into the air we breath, which coupled with the air being cold will tend to agrevate asthmatic lungs. Hope the cleaning helps your breathing

  • Very interesting. I should think that having 'clean' air and clean i.e. vacuumed curtains would help in their publicity, so your comments must be taken seriously by the leisure centre. Good for you!

  • Going back today and will ask the above question on the filtering and the curtains. Thanks for the advice and thoughts

  • I was late for my class so didn't ask. Air conditioning on again definitely a problem. Forgot the rest of the curtains across the other windows. Felt the curtains polyester or something like that. g Go Going on Thursday I will put a reminder on my phone to talk to manager. Watch this space.

  • Hello elanaoalijermiah2911

    Sounds like you are into physical exercise. Air conditioning can bother my asthma too. Are you a runner? Perhaps you'd be interested in my book, "Running with Asthma: An Asthmatic Runner's Memoir," available on This book has tips on how to exercise appropriately so the exercise makes your asthma better, not worse.

    Yours for better breathing,

    John Terry McConnell

  • No not a runner due to interisal cystics which means not been able to put strain on pelvic floor so running out. Swimming and pilates is my things now,

  • Wishing you better breathing,

    John Terry McConnell

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