Ventolin before preventer

I'm three weeks post severe asthma attack! Have had some of my meds changed and been told to use my salbutamol 20 mins before my two preventer inhalers and take everything through a spacer. I'm happy with this but when I spoke to another asthma sufferer she said 'oh I thought that was not considered good practice anymore'. To me it makes up your airways so meds go in properly!!

I know everyone's treatments are decided to meet their needs but just wondered if anyone else had to do this! Will put my mind to rest if their are others!!


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  • 100% reliever first, for exactly the reason you mentioned. Also, that is kind of the 'urgent care' bit. If you are struggling, breathing correctly is a priority.

  • Thanks for hoping that my new preventer starts to work properly soon!! Still needing reliever two to three times a day in addition to taking it before my preventer!

  • I was told this a long time ago by an asthma nurse however since restarting asthma meds no one has mentioned it but lots of things they did they don't do anymore

  • The GP told my son to do this but the respiratory specialist at the hospital says not to bother so I have no idea!!!

  • Still feeling super confused!!

  • When I was still in charge of my daughter's asthma care ( she is now an adult) that was exactly what I was told, but when I mentioned that at a review recently the asthma nurse said it is now recognised it makes no difference. She did not say it was bad practice. So if it seems to help you I would just continue with it. We are all a bit different after all.

  • Thanks Wheezycat!!

  • I take normasol for bronchiectasis to clear my lungs (have severe asthma also) and sometime if my lungs are particularly tight I take ventolin before my nebuliser and my preventative after that. Hope that rests your mind 😃

  • Salbutamol or other beta antognist to open your airways. Don't usually wait as long as 20 mins but do use spacer.

  • I've been told to wait 20 mins!! It's a pain when I just want to get on with taking the rest of my meds!!

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