Hi looking for some advice I've been suffering badly from my asthma for few weeks, I have needed my inhaler between 6 and 10 times in 24 hours, big difference to once or twice a week, anyway I had a asthma attack last Wednesday, was prescribed prednisone 40mg 1 times a day for 5 days my last being today/tomorrow my chest still feels tight and I'm still coughing should I go straight back to the doctor?

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  • Hi first welcome to asthma uk forum. You sound a lot like me last November. First ever asthma attack after 10 years of mild asthma. It can take a long time to get better five d da days of prensidolone at 40 mg is standa standard. The golden rule from asthma uk helpline is that you have to have be completely and you are definitely not better, Get an urgent same day appointment. Don't be fogged off go now. You probably going to need more treatment. I won't speculate as everyone one is different. So please get your self seen. I hope and pray you get sorted

  • Hi Remi-mae,

    Your situation sounds similar to my own . I had a severe attack couple of weeks ago and was prescribed Prednisolone and antibiotics . My GP made a routine appointment to see me one week later . My symptoms had improved but not resolved . He has now made me another weekly appointment to see how I am off prednisolone and antibiotics. I too am not better . I think myself it's standard practice to give weekly follow-up appointments rather than overprescribe prednisolone and antibiotics . I would book another appointment for review if I were you .

    it's quite miserable ,chest tightness and the shortness of breath . I hope you get sorted out soon . Best wishes Maryeileen.

  • Hi and welcome from a relatively newbie. Yes go back. I have 'brittle' severe asthma and asthma nurse/gp always advise to return immediately if early treatment not settling my asthma. Good luck and stay well (everyone)

  • Yes go back to gp might need more steriods if ur not better.

  • Hi, I am in exactly the same position as you. Had flu injection then got chest infection! 40mg pred plus doxycycline antibiotics. Peak flows still not back to normal and last day of steroids today. Exhausted just walking to bathroom. Another appt with gp tomorrow. Wait to see what he suggests Fed up and frustrated as just don't seem to be getting better. Find it very scary listening to my chest wheezing when just lying in bed. 😔

  • Hi, I agree with everyone else: go to see your GP again. I was similar to you last Easter, taking +20 puffs salbutamol per day with peak flows at 80. Ultimately I should have been in hospital, but I tend to avoid it like the plague!

    How are your peak flows?

    Also, some GPs believe it is better to give a big dose of steroids over a shorter period of time. Helped for me but it is down to the doctor.

    Good luck.

  • Hi and welcome, and I'm in the same boat, 3 lots of antibiotics and 2 lots of steroids, been off them a couple of days now, I'm better than I was but still not back to normal, peak flow still 65% at best and ventolin 3 ish times a day, and now I can't get any appointments at the surgery grr. I don't normally wheeze but am since this chest infection. Def get back to the gp, good luck!

  • Sure, you must go back.

  • Make the appointment otherwise you may relapse within a day or 2 of finishing your meds and find yourself at square one. 😃

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