Asthma not under control

Had what I was told was a asthma flare up at the end of June. Three rounds of antibiotics and two lots of steroids I am still coughing day and night. Current meds are seretide 250, spiriva and zafurlukast. Have had a chest X-ray, that was clear. I have got a referral to a chest specialist but not till the end of Nov. I just feel my life is on hold as I can't do any physical activity without having a coughing fit. Does anyone have any advice please.

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  • I know how you feel. After my exacerbation its only been the last couple of weeks that my cough has calmed down. i still get coughing fits especially on activity or if I'm triggered but its settled.

    I was given an ante-acid because sometimes the cough is caused my acid reflux, didn't help me unfortunately. The only other trick I have found helps is ironically to suck on a sweet mind, like butterscotch or something like that. The motion and production of saliva helped ease the cough for me.

    hope you get sorted.

  • Thanks for your reply, it is really frustrating as I am normally so active.

  • you are welcome. I hope it settles for you soon or someone else on here can give you better advice.

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