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Life with asthma dreams can live

Hi we are all finding our dreams have been altered. Some more than others, For myself I had mild asthma for 10 years and only since last November it has got worse, never had an attack til then was put on bo preventive etc now had two more attacks this last two weeks need my inhalers changed again, i give myself as an example I still have dreams and don't let it define my whole life, I am not just an asthmatic I am me. Wife mother brownie leader and that is one of my saving graces it takes me out of myself and I enjoy being me. (My friend said of me I would anything for a badge and yes I would) Does my asthma make me mad tho . the toys out of the pram as my mum would say yes but there is more to life than this.

I hope I have encouraged you to look at life as life with asthma sucks but we have so much more than this.

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We are indeed more than the sum of our parts. I'm glad you have such a positive attitude, it will certainly benefit you as you deal with whatever life throws at you :)


i put my postive attitude down to my faith with out God I would be stuff!


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