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Why do they not listen in the first place?

As I have previously said I have had quite a few chest infections this year. The doctors however, have told me that they were all viral. I now have another chest infection (number 7 this year).

I ended up in A&E on Friday night to be told it is another viral infection and to end up on steroids for my asthma. Well I still wasn't right on Tuesday, my pred was due to finish on the Wednesday so I went to my doctors. Thankfully the doctor listened and I am now on antibiotics but he wants to see how I am for a few days before giving me more pred.

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It's difficult because antibiotics won't work against a viral chest infection and without further tests, it's difficult to tell the difference between a viral and bacterial infection. Potentially giving you antibiotics for a viral infection can contribute to antibiotic resistant bacteria and unnecessary medication for you.

However, I am given antibiotics for every chest infection I have! Maybe depends on the gp?


I agree with comment below without a lab test will never known and more than 75% of exacerbations are vital in cause. You have good GP that is not just fobbing you off with antibiotics


An asthma action plan will give you a stronger argument that you need antibiotics when you deal with doctors who do not want to prescribe them. You could look on p. 81 of my book,

"Running with Asthma: An Asthmatic Runner's Memoir" for more info on an asthma action plan. It's available on I found that when I went along with my doctor's plan to not give me an antibiotic, I ended up with pneumonia and three days in the hospital.

Yours, John Terry McConnell


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