Over the counter Ventolin

Does anyone know if you can still get Ventolin over the counter? I thought I had a backup inhaler but it seems I must have used it an not replaced it, and now I don't have a great deal left. I'm using it quite a lot so don't want to be left without any. So I wondered if I could go to asda or something to get one? If so what do I need to take with me? My prescriptions are online so I don't get a paper copy and the pharmacy I usually go to is closed now.

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  • This website gives you some ideas on how to get a prescription in your case. I hope it works out okay. x


  • Thank you for this information, going to head out to asda in a minute when my OH gets in then. I fortunately have an old box with my prescription sticker on so hopefully this will be enough. That and my almost dead ventolin inhaler!

  • I hope it all works out and I hope you are feeling better soon. x

  • All sorted, had to listen to a lecture about having no back up inhaler especially when my asthma is bad though, explained I normally do but forgot to restock! Also letter going to gp to say I used the service. But I now have a shiny new inhaler so I'm happy!! I can breath ... for now lol

  • Well done! At least the service worked. :-)

  • Phew! Don't do that again! x

  • Wrists most definately slapped!! 😔

  • LOL! Got to say many years ago when there was no Tesco or Asda pharmacy I found one of my inhalers empty. My ex husband (bless his little cotton socks) walked to the local hospital - it was the other end of town from our flat and you had to go up and down a good many hills to get there, and got one from the hospital pharmacy I was also caught out once when we moved "inland" as I developed hayfever - didn't know it was hayfever so used my salbutamol all the time and had to do the same thing on a Sunday as no pharmacies open then.

  • Ah glad to hear I'm not alone! Bless your ex husband, that was so good of him! He'll have needed the inhaler himself by that point 😣

  • If you do a search online there are loads of places you can get these and other inhalers without a prescription and most delivered within two working days. these include Simple online pharmacy, co-op, LLoyds, Boots and Superdrug. You need to fill in an online questionnaire but can opt not to inform your GP. Depending on your answers the online doctor may need to contact you for further information but I have used them all at one time or another. They are more expensive than prescription ones but are genuine and a useful source for "spares" without needing to see a doctor.

  • Thanks for this, I've seen these places before but thought they sounded too good to be true! Worth bearing in mind in the future when I haven't left it until last minute lol.

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