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I am on my second day of accolate, I used to take montelukast and my GP thinks accolate might help me more.

Today I have a thumping headache and feel very tired. Does anyone know how long it will take to know if the accolate is helping? Also does anyone know if you are allowed to have a cup of tea in the morning with it? I really struggled this morning to get my kids out the door to school while waiting the hour you have to wait before you can eat (poor kids).

Sorry for moaning, could be that I am just not having a good day, nothing to do with the accolate.

Hope everyone is staying well


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Sorry I have no experience with this medication, hopefully someone will be along soon who can advise.

Hopefully it'll start to work for you soon though. Unfortunately medications aren't without their side effects 😣

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Hi, I tried Montelukast and Accolate and neither helped my asthma at all. I don't remember having any side effects. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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Goodness. Hope things settle down for you soon. Sometimes they say the milk in the drink could be classed as food! Hope someone has experience with this and can help you. I need a bucket of tea first thing. I woke up with a thumping headache yesterday don't know what caused it took paracetamol and it went thankfully - could have been something to do with my flu jab as been a bit snuffly but gone now.

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