Lost of appetite?

Has anyone suffered from a lose of appetite? Day 12 after my asthma attack. Now on servent day 4 of this inhaler 120 25mg dose 4 puffs as well as flixotide 250mg 4 puffs and been using my ventolin 4hourly as necessary 4 puffs . As well as still being really tired still suffering broken

nughts sleep day 11. After 7 prenisolone and now today my appetite has gone and I love my food?! Thoughts please

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  • Oral steroids always make me lose my appetite!

  • I have nitice that too and the fact I have had lost weigh like last time. But surely 5 days after takinf the last one can the effect be still felt?

  • It could be the serevent too. If it is working to control your asthma maybe it will take a while to get used to it. You are still on your ventolin too and that keeps me wakeful too. Not sure that I notice loss of appetite from taking a lot of ventolin but thankfully rarely take a lot nowadays for a long time. Best to ask your Doc.

    Take care.

  • I often lose when not well and worst when steroids reducing

  • The weight lose happened the first and last time I took prenisolone. The lack of appetite is a new thing. I am suspecting my new inhaler severent so I am off to the doctors this morning to ask if it can be changed to seretide which I had last year. Only draw back is this one can give me oral thrush. Keep you all updated.

  • The loss off appetite and broken sleep are probably caused by the steroids. They have the same effect on me. I hate them even if they are necessary! Thankfully not had any for over a year now. The last time I had them I don't think I slept for the duration of the course - maybe a couple of hours when i first went to bed but then awake the rest of the night and day.

  • Hi not using any ventolin now. Off to the sit and wait appointments.

  • I have been to the drs and she looked up severent side effects and agreed that it was the inhaler. So stopping severent we agreed as my chest is fine now. Lastly got my flu jab now got a stiff arm all worth it. Hoping to get some zzzz this afternoon.

  • Glad you sorted something with the gp, hopefully stopping the serevent won't cause a deterioration of your asthma though.

    Great you were able to get your flu jab too, one less worry! I hate the sore arm afterwards 😣

  • Hi this is only my second ever flu jab. A slightly sore arm is a small price to pay for not having the flu! Not being on the prevented

    Could be an issue. I have notice that the spore count is high andI went for a walk through our local beauty spot. i know that the count is high as my left eye is aching. I am on monkelaust too. Will keep close eye on my chest .

  • Yes a sore arm is a small price to pay!!

    Oh dear I hope this won't cause you a set back. Fingers crossed, and at least you can be aware if your asthma starts to go downhill so you can respond quickly.

  • I hope and pray it doesnt too. I am really keyed up to my asthma symptoms now. Feel very confident that I know what to do thanks to asthma uk and my local GPs. Being educated is half the battle.

  • That's fantastic, I'm glad you're empowered to take control of your health. Asthma UK really are invaluable! I'm glad you have a good gp surgery too, it makes such a difference. Unfortunately I don't have that relationship with my surgery nor the gps there as it's currently different locums, can't get an appointment with the permanent gps.

  • I am sorry to hear that. It seems to me that asthma care can be a bit of a postcode lottery. I think I hit the jackpot. An asthma nurse with 20 years experience and a good set of GPs.

    Looking after myself use to be a low priority as with any other mother you put your kids and husband first. Having my asthma get worse as well as my other long term condition was a real wake up call to look after myself.

    I also find it very interesting intellectually which can make me a little geeky and as I have a passionate nation drives me on to know more.

  • Wow, I'm moving to your Gp!! Very jealous! Lol

    Yes I'm down the list in my household, try to be more proactive but there's always someone else to look after before myself 😣

    I like to know everything too so I know what you mean. I read around everything where possible, but personal help and advice is so very useful too. Textbooks can only tell you so much ... as my gp proves!!

  • I sure if you could you could get into my GPs. They just joined together with two other practices putting resources and experiences etc.

    You need to put yourself up there as a priority as with my household if I go down then the things can get forgotten or not done.

    I have three very capable teenage girls who can take on things. I know its hard to let go sometimes. I still learning and this all comes with me being a perfectionist always striving to be the best. Learning to slow down and take care of myself is one of the lesson I learnt. This is especially important as we had a tough three years with mental health problems in the family. Things are finally on the up. I have the support of a very good church who are like my family as my parents, in laws, sisters and brother live far away from me.

    The example of this is me being on my own two weeks ago on a saturday night when I was struggling with my chest being very tight and spasimotic. I was on my own and my family was away visiting my in laws. You know once you ring 111 your get help. I was offered an appointment in Bath 8am next morning. I live in Bristol with no transport. I rang my friend who is a nurse who said you know what why don't we go to A&E which we did. Waited 3 hours go seen by triage nurse then she arrange an appointment at the walk in clinic at 2 am in the morning. My friend took me there go seen told to take two more days of prenisolone and went back to hers to sleep at 3am in the morning. That is my church family which I thank God for.

    Asthma can be tough but I am really bless by having this forum too when you have that question that niggals in your brain like today.

    If you are alright both physical and mentally you can cope. I am a christian but doesn't mean I don't get worry sometimes because I human too. What happen to me two weekend ago my friend put it like this it was the right thing for me to do for me. It gave me peace and that's what our lovely nhs is for.

  • Unfortunately my chest didnt take to kindly to even one potentially missed dose. My chest started to ache and really hurt into the evening. So taking the sensible line I took the severent which is why I am posting at 3am. I feel much better and its gone down to an ache. So its back to the doctors and I think this time I will ask for a call from the duty doctor. Wondering if there are alternative labs or would the inhaler I had before seretide would be the answer that one never bothered me at all keep me rock steady through the winter. What do I think affected me? The walk, sorting out old hosepipes in the garden or pulling up weeds? Hmm

  • Talk to a nurse practioner via phone. Decided between us no more severent watch my symptoms for any future symptoms. Roll on bedtime. Next stop my appointment next wednesday with my great asthma

    nurse Louise.

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