Calling in sick once again

Called in sick today at work once again. Have not been off since around middle of August but I know it will not have gone down well at work and will recieve another warning. Have not left my flat since Friday and have been self medicating with lemsip, paracetamol, vapour rub and nose sprays. Just fed up of constant sinusitis now. Do I go to my doctor?

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  • I know how you feel about having time off, I was last off in August too, then again now and just got a certificate from the gp today. But we have to look after ourselves, if we're not fit for work, we're not fit for work.

    I would go and see your gp then at least if work do complain, you can prove you've sought medical advice.

  • Hi Butterfly, aww have you been off too? What do you do for work if you don't mind me asking? I was ready to go back to work today until I woke up and started coughing up thick green bits again and just thought to myself my team leader says do not come back unless you are ready to work again and are well. So rang in again and got a docs appointment at 10:40 x

  • Yeah I've been off with this second chest infection, battled through the first week then had a week off self certification and now a week with a doctors letter. It didn't go down well but just going to the toilet has me even more out of breath so I can't work. My job involves lots of walking and talking to people at the hospital. I can't even talk without getting out of breath.

    I hope the doctors appt went OK and they've given you some antibiotics. I'm on to my third lot and second lot of steroids!

  • Wow thats been going on a long time then! I really hope this lot of antibiotics and steroids does the trick of getting rid of that nasty chest infection for you! Aww no that sounds horrible if you can't even talk or walk without getting out of breath you most certainly cannot go to work! It was ok thank you, never seen him before was quite elderly and not sure if he was just maybe covering for one of the doctors? He gave me doxycycline. Taken 2 today then 1 till I finish them hoping they work as it's a very low dose X

  • Yeah it has been long enough now!! I've had enough of it. It's the constant shortness of breath and cough so hard your insides hurt! I really hope they help too.

    I'm on doxycyline too, 100mg once a day. Hope it begins to help you soon x

  • Ah I can imagine! The coughs are the worst! If you really want to cough to try and bring things up out of your chest it's good to take a deep breath in and then breathe through your nose and cough hard but don't do this too often! I am on that same dose too but 2 today. Thank you, you too! :) x

  • Sorry that you're feeling so poorly.

    Yes I'd go and see your GP, they might be able to prescribe some medication to help you

    Take care and I hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you asthma-girl for your reply! Going to the docs today so will see what they say. Take care too X

  • Yes, I would make an emergency appointment with your Doc as soon as you can. If necessary get signed off for a week and hopefully get some medication that works for you. Let us know how you get on.

  • Hi Freefaller thank you for your reply. I have got a docs appointment today but am hoping I do not get signed off. Think I am probably 1-2 warnings away from 'dissmissal' at work and really cannot afford to loose my job! X

  • You suffer from asthma so are more likely to get infections and still they give you warnings. What ever your GP does today ask him to write a letter to your employers. When all this started with my employers - Civil Service, about only having 11 days off sick a year before having a warning my Doc actually had forms typed out where he filled in the disease you were suffering from explaining that although you had been self certificated sick for those few days you had consulted with a Doctor. I also spoke to my union rep. One of the girls I worked with ( a typist or wp operator) had an operation on her shoulder so could not work after her operation - obviously. She then had a few days off with a heavy cold and was given a warning - how mad is that! To my mind anyone who has a certificate from the Doc or has consulted with a Doc and especially has been in hospital should have that term of absence discounted from the limit allowed it is just so stupid. I know there are people who continually have the odd few days tagged onto a weekend off and yes these people should be watched as they may be just taking a long weekend. I hope you get some help from your GP. It may be helpful if you get a lot of sinusitis or rhinitis that you have a steroid nasal spray I have had one for about 15 years and only take quarter of the dose I need but if I feel a problem coming on up the dosage. I know it is another medication but it really does help me. In those 15 years I have had 4 bouts of bad sinusitis a couple of them in the last few years because of a change in my medication which meant I couldn't take the spray I used to have.

    Hope you are OK and don't have any problems with work.

    Take care X

  • Yep freefaller, they do not care if I suffer from asthma it's the way the company works and probably how most companies work these days to give out warnings when off sick. I did not ask him to write me a letter as unfortunately saw this when I was home and I know that he probably would have said to self certify anyway. Wow poor woman that is completely out of order! Yes I really do think that too and most definitely if that person has been in hospital! One of my close friends at work has just left my place of work as she was having a lot of time off due to repeated ear problems and could not hear people on the phones as I work in a call centre but still before she handed her notice in was going to have to have a meeting with HR and her manager as she had too much time off. She could not even do her job due to the ear problem but was forced to some days her team leader not even letting her go home if she asked. Wow that is good! I do have a steriod nose spray actually but only ever use it on the odd occasion, maybe I should use it more. Am on antibiotics but may try to go back tomorrow X

  • You can self certicate for a week.

  • Hello Helenn I would go just for peace od mind and because of your work suitation. It does nonething for ones mental health to be stuck inside having experience a liittle of this myself. If the weather is good open your back door and step outside and breath in some good air

    i pray that going to the doctors helps you both physically and mentally. Keep posting there lots of people who want to help you.

  • Hi thank you for your reply, yes I am going to the docs today so will see what they say. No it really does not, sorry to hear you have also been stuck inside! Thank you so much, everyone on here is so kind X

  • I would see or st least speak to your GP as it'll help your work situation.

    Are you in an union? Maybe time for formal meeting and see if there are any reasonable adjustments for your disability to allow you to be at work?

  • Hi Quietchest, thank you for your reply. I do not think I am in a union as I do not know what one is lol. I want to try and reduce my working hours if I could, but am on a shifts contract so not sure if this would be possible X

  • Work tend to respond more favourably if you see your gp if you have frequent bouts of related illness. They may suggest something that will aid in a speedier recovery. It's no fun being stuck in all the time. I do it regularly as my condition is complex but it's really not a choice you want to happen if it can be avoided.

  • Hi Jandm, thank you for your reply. Yes I am going to see my gp today and have also let work know this. Yes it's not much fun at all, I am sorry to hear your condition is complex and you also become a prisoner of your own home :( take care X

  • Currently sat in urgent care waiting to get yet more drugs. Not been a good couple of months. These things are sent to try us. Good luck at your gps hope you are well soon

  • Urgent care? ICU? It does not sound like it has been for you! Thank you, am on antibiotics now for what he thinks is a sinus infection. Hope you are well soon also x

  • Hope your feeling better

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