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Now is it getting into Autumn and drying washing outdoors will get hardier. I was wondering what people do about this considering that damp clothes on airier aren't the best for an asthmatic. I have been thinking about one of those electric clothes dryers but not sure if they are worth it. Its cost of drying I do have a tumble dryer but thinking of cost etc. I been looking at the Lakeland 3 Tier dryer. Mixed reviews. Thoughts please

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  • Well, no problem with that here today a lovely sunny and windy day so got three loads out and dried! Hoping when I next do my bedding - looks like that willbe Sunday now from the forecast I can get that done as well. My main problem is my quilt cover as it does not fit in my dryer properly and comes out so crashed if I have to use the dryer! So that I do not have to wash my quilt cover every week I always put a flat sheet on the bed and change this every week - easy to wash and dry and it fits in the dryer if necessary then wash the quilt cover when I can. I try and always line dry and choose a good day to do my washing so that I can do that and very occasionally have to use a dryer. Quite often I dry as much as possible out side and then finish it off in the dryer or hang it in the conservatory and hope for some sunshine to finish the drying. They are forecasting a heatwave again next week so keep washing!

    Use a normal (small) tumble dryer myself. Not used the Lakeland three tier. Reminds me of the old "Flatley" dryer my in laws gave me - cost a small fortune to use though I a, sure this one is probably much better.

  • I don't find washing drying in the home a problem with my asthma ,,,,infact I put my asthma down to two things ,, ME SMOKING back in the day ,,,, And the Central heating , I don't over do the drying in the house ,I usual hang things on coat hangers straight away ,and sheets towels etc over the banister or over the dooor ,by the time I go to bed they are dry and I fold them ready to iron next day ,,,,,I was told to keep a bowl of water in the room anyway ,, to me this is the same ,,,the air is moist not dry which would make me cough ,

  • we use a dehumidifier which has a setting for wet clothes. we put the washing in a separate room and switch it on and that helps as it removes the extra dampness from the air.

  • Good idea.

  • I dry on the radiators but my husband says I shouldn't but I guess wot you are suggesting has the same effect I have a dyer but it ruins things if they say not to dry! So difficult ?????

  • We use a dehumidifier, it's brilliant.

  • What size dehumidifier do you use? I got myself a mini one (one litre I think), but it doesn't do much.

    I will also have the same concerns. I don't like using the tumble dryer, so in winter most stuff ends up in the conservatory, except those times I am organised enough to get it out on the line for a little while. We have a damp house anyway, so drying indoors is something to be careful with.

  • Ours is about 2 litres, ŵe put it on around the washing and also in the hall and kitchen in thewinter. One of the best things we ever brought.

  • I was thinking about a dehumidifier too. I have a four bedroom house and 5 people to wash for. So washing has to go on most days to keep up. Line drying is preferable but I want to keep my house as damp free as possible. Suggestions

  • I always dry on the line in good weather, but otherwise it's the humidifier. Ours is Tasciugo Ariadry Light. It's quite old so don't know if it's still in production. We've been very pleased with it.

  • Hi

    I've put an old fashioned pulley dryer like this one in our south facing rear porch. A tiny bit of sun and your done! Also put a bar in our boiler cupboard.


  • I am a man. I use a 13kg machine A+++ rated washing machine for duvets. Need a large machine as I was duvets every month. Works.

    Daily washing 9kg machine A+++ rated 1200 spin and when it is completed I use a 6kg spinner machine which spins at 2600 rpm and removes all the excess water. From a normal spin load about 5 litres will be removed. Amazing by this machine. The clothes are almost dry and if raining put stright into dryer and within 2h dry.

    The trick to save time and money and drying time is the 2600 rpm spinner. Best money spent. 100 to 150 GBP.

  • What make is your spinner and where did you buy it please?

  • Olimpic 2800 rpm 5.2kg and you can get on the Web. They normally come from Italy. Olimpic is spelt correctly. 2800 rpm gets rid of a 1200 rpm wash about 5 to 6 litres of water. Totally amazing.

  • Thanks WHOA

  • Provided your house is well aired, there should be no problem with drying a reasonable amount of washing in the house. The damp will only be a problem if you never open the windows - then the condensation causes mould. The air shouldn't be too dry, which sometimes happens with central heating. Tumble driers are expensive to run, that's true. If you dry things in the bathroom, that shouldn't affect the whole house. I'm sure you'll work out the solution that works for you!

  • Opening windows is I portent to avoid condensation which causes mould which can cause aspergillosis.

  • I always let air the house every day with opening windows etc. Thanks for the thoughts every one. Still really tired from last week asthma attack had a nap on our futon. Zzzzz. Washing should be out today time for a quick wash.

  • We bought a large dehumidifier in Hong Kong, it has nearly a 2 litre capacity. Works for us and we can use it to keep the 'damp' air out of the upstairs where it tends to hang around. A Hitachi RD155EX, was about £300 there, but a very good investment.

  • Really shouldn't dry them over the radiators as this can cause mould which can cause aspergillosis.

  • After due consideration I have come to the conxlusion to invest in a new dryer. Mine is very old and the new ones with the research i have done will save me money. The latest ones have sensors and wreigh your washing and work out what it needs to be on to dry it Mean while the windows of my hiuse are open enjoying this lovely autumn day. Clothes drung on thr libe.

  • I have given all your suggestions due consideration and decided if possible an upgrade of tumble dryer would be the most logic answer. I went into John lewis yesterday and look at what they had. Technology has moved on emensly since i had bougt my tumble. The new ones have sensor to see how much your washing needs etc. Very interesting chat with sale assistant. Now pondering about what I do next.

  • I have a modern dryer, its more efficient to run than heating a moist house costs. It also has the added benefit of filtering out dog hair on my clothes. Zero effort needed from me for pet hair free dry clothes.

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