Worn out

Really down now mental health probs and asthma cant use pred coz it sends me nuts .gotten worse over 4 years struggling to copeanprobs. Not sleeping coz tight at night got all three types of inhaler becoming less affective having to spend a week a time on settee after exercise chest goes tight docs wont give me singulair i havechronic serious life long anxiety hypermania and bpd . Saying singulair will upset me. Got scold and on doxy at mo see consultant tuesday coming scared helpplz

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  • Hi I sorry to here that and you have my sympathy and compassion. Prensidolone can affect moods. I have just finished my second only course of this drug. It's so hard to get rest when the drug you are taking affects you mentally. This is the place to find people who know where you are coming from. A listening ear and a place to have a rant. I would like to pray for you I will pay that find Dr's and consultant who will listen to you I pray for an advocate for you. Talk to asthma uk helpline They will listen to you. Asthma not only affects our bodies but our mind which you know. They will have compassion on you when I talked to them the other day the nurse said that I felt like al te wheel had come off True I was struggling mentally a as I had been on my own last weekend s my family had been away. It's good that you are here and talking about how you feel. That shows strength not weakness. Will keep ppraying for you

  • I really sympathise with you. Asthma is a horrible disease. Singulair is not for you, I tried it and had vivid nightmares and had to stop after a few days. I hope the consultant can help and things improve for you. Best wishes.

  • You may find that if you sort out your mental health problems, your asthma will improve as there is a strong link between asthma and stress. There is no need to be scared of your consultant or what s/he might say - the idea is to help you feel better. Please take whatever help is offered to make you feel calmer and more cheerful. Medication for asthma is not the only way forward; there are lots of options you can combine to help. In the meantime, you could start with breathing exercises to slow your breathing and your mind down. It's not much, but it is better than being anxious all the time.

  • Wow so many nice folk . Thankyou my wife is my mental health carer she us worn out with me . It seems that when i am not so well with asthma my mental health declines and then asthma spiral . I have been fortunate that i havnt been hospitalised as of yet been and got nebs at a&e but nothing more .feels bit like living in treacle with my chest and my mind thankyou for your replys and god bless .

  • Totally agree on the stress affecting the asthma and vice versa. Only had a little taste of what its like to take prenisolone for any length of time. It doesn't do any one any good. Glad to hear you feel supported. God Bless

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