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Another attack busy night

Dear All got to be the weather changing as here I go again into 111 a&e and walk in clinic. Chest being kicked by mule. I was offered initially an appointment in Bath today 8am i live bristol. On advise of friend who is a nurse did a&e then referred onwward to walk in clinic same time as previous appointment on last time had appointment there.

Chest checked out sats too 2 extra days of prensinolone. Stayed at said friend got some sleep between 3-9am. To the nhs and my friend you all amazing

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I truly hope you can get some relief soon.

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thanks now I getting the surge of steriod high. Hard when you resting want to do all things. Need to sit and rest and watch tv. Still quite here as family is still not back


I am replying on myself which is strange. Any way day 8 after second asthma attack and now its thursday after saturday night A&E. Back to doctors today as I booked this as a precaution in case I needed it. As it turns out that was exactly right as I have a new inhaler. A combination called Serevent. Not had this one before as just had Seretide and its green. I love being shown the colours of the inhalers by the GP as I very visually orientated and I know what colour I have had and their names usually.

I thought I was going to end up back on a combination but was waiting to see my asthma nurse on the 12th October.

Love my surgery all the doctors are very good. I had again my airways explained to me. Once again prefect for one such as me. I salutary remind of what my airways look like when an asthma attack happens then the next level down to normal. I was told that as an asthmatic airways for me are always irritated.

A small part of me still in denial of was that an asthma attack. Silly I know but as this is my second one only Brain still rebelling a little at this.

Looking forward to better control once Serevent kicks in a couple of days.

Is it me or every doctor I met and the pharmacist are after me to get my Flu jab. First thing first recovery then Jab booked in for the 8th October. Next then my appointment with my wonderful asthma nurse on the 12th October.

Tonight I think I can sleep lying down as I had a nap like this on the sofa today.

Tired zzzz off to cook tea. Good health all.


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