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Sleeping advice for recovering from asthma attack

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I am asking for advice on sleeping position to help me sleep more comfortabletthrough the night. Night 3 after asthma attack and slept proped up with two pillows and v shaped pillow has helped. Still having very disturb sleep due to coughing and side effect of prednisone. Any other gems.

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I often sleep propped up on the sofa when my asthma is bad. I guess it depends on how comfy your sofa is! Hope you feel better soon. :-)

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elanaoali in reply to emmasue

Have a futon bit small to sleep sideways on. Thanks for the kind wishes.

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stellfaye in reply to emmasue

For comfortable nights empty your bowel, it creates space for lungs, prop up on pillows, your lungs can expand with ease and you can sleep better. I hope it helps.

Do you have allergic triggers? The bed contains a lot of allergens, and in my experience even cotton fibres from clean linen irritate me. Also, the concentration of dust in room air increases towards the floor. It is a lot of effort to get it all right - I've got a hypoallergenic mattress (cheap Argos take home one, I-sleep or Airsprung I think) and use a Homedics air purifier that blows horizontally, so can be aimed towards the bed. I have hypoallergenic pillows (synthetic, hollw-fibre: dust mites can't grip it) but still I have trouble some nights, though I just moved house and the room I rent is quite dusty. I think that the surface area of a bed means it catches a lot of dust from the air all the time, and then we add our oils and dander etc. I reckon silk would help but one pillow case is fifteen quid! High thread-count cotton helps ( had a 500 thread count sheet but they don't last forever!). It's probably worth keeping the bed covered during the day- an old idea that I don't bother with.

It's possible a room fan might help you but it depends on the dust in the room- without filtration it will just get circulated and stirred up. Our lungs are a constantly on air filter and humidifier, so they do a lot of work!!

Cheers, hope things improve, Ollie.

Hi thanks for all that information. My asthma nurse thought perhaps i have allergic asthma and i am on monkelaust for my hayfever worked fab during the summer. My left eye is aching lots my only and to me a puzzle to me

as thats how i was disagnoised. The tree pollen is high very high. So i guessing she is right. I am on flixotide 250mg. Got my asthma review on 12th october.

I think that its back to a combination inhaler had seretide before and got my flu jab on next saturday. Must admit asthma worse upstairs probably have to change my bedding feather but i think its the dust

I have a hardwood floor and a rug. Bedroom did have mould but thats been sorted.

Money is tight but needs must.

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emmasue in reply to elanaoali

I am badly allergic to feather bedding. I didn't know this until I stayed with my in-laws. I kept getting ill and I couldn't figure out why. It was because my husband's Auntie had feather pillows! Since I started bringing my own pillows, I am fine. It is funny what we are allergic to. I can't stay at my father-in-law's house either as he has dogs. I didn't realise tree pollen was high. I have been suffering badly this month and couldn't figure out what the allergy was to. It is usually grass pollen in the summer and dust in the winter, but it is the wrong season for both. I guess it must be the trees. Anyway, hope you manage to get better soon. Take care. x

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WheezyAnne in reply to elanaoali

Re the bed. It is a good idea to air your bed every day, as house dust mite love warm moist air, as do moulds of course. Wash bedding at 60 degrees, and vacuum bed every week. I too am very allergic to both feather and wool, which are common allergens, so I would get rid of anything with those in if you can. Keep the room aired, and no aerosols, smelly sprays, strong perfumes. Hope some of this helps.

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elanaoali in reply to WheezyAnne

All makes petfect sense . Duvet going go a sythnetic one loft

pillows going damp dusting to the for. Help from family going to rope them in.

Was just reading a NICE report about a laminar flow machine one sleeps under .....the Airsonett. Apparently developed by a Swedish group in conjunction with St Marys Hospital and Imperial College.

Anyone tried it?

surviving on 3 hours sleep since 2 am. I am determined to get more sleep tonight. The predisolone is destroying my sleep. Ordered new pillows and wash sheets. Sleeping with a sleeping bag and blanket. Didn't get even a nap today but sat up on my futon my breathing got better so much that I forgotten what it was like to breath normally. More zzzz tonight please God.

At last a more normal nights sleep. Slightly distrubed at 1am ventolin then slept til 4am on and off til 6:30am. Had to nap at 12 ish couldnt keep my eyes open. Enjoying the autumn sun in my conversatory. So peaceful here. Taking a break from the 24/7 society. So no more posts today. I hope and pray you all have a good weekend.

I use lavender oil a couple of drops on my pillow which helps. Not all the time but worth a try

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LysistrataCommunity Ambassador in reply to Janny1

Just wanted to say to anyone thinking of this - be careful as lavender is a huge trigger for me! Fine for others and if you know it is ok, but be careful with essential oils till you know which are ok.

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Janny1 in reply to Lysistrata

Good point.

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