Oxygen at home

Hi out there,

I recently went into hospital for lung testing and I responded really well to a boost of oxygen, and my ME was much better for a couple of days. With this in mind I thought of getting a home oxygen compressor and have looked on eBay but really don't know the difference between the models and what they are like to use. Any advice would be most welcome... Thanks... Gino

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  • If you need oxygen your team will prescribe. It's not just the condenser but all the back up.

  • Thank you QC. I am just doing some research at this point as I don't see my chest consultant for a few weeks and want to be prepared. G

  • Should rely on what your team recommend. They know the best/most cost effective way to get oxygen. I am actually buying a condenser from ebay as I am flying with Easyjet to Italy and will need it at altitude, but my oxygen levels at home are generally good, 95-98.

  • Thanks Samsgran, I hope your new purchase works for you. G

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