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Heartlands referral

Hi I'm after some information please I have a referral to Birmingham heartland from my local hospital in Hereford

what to expect?

How long did people wait before getting there appointment ?

And other people's experiences

Really nervous

Been struggling needing preds every month end up off for three weeks and then get an infection and end up back on them. Had to take on part time work and leave my career in support work. My current employer have been good but it's been a battle and absence is high and money tight

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Hi I am a patient at the heartlands hospital, from what I can remember the first appointment comes through for about 2 months time after they receive referral, don't be nervous about going there the staff and doctors are very friendly yes you will have to do breathing tests and probably have blood test as they do like to do all their own test. When you have your appointment don't expect a quick in and out they don't rush most of the appointments are afternoon's. I have type one Brittle asthma and it was diagnosed at the heartlands before then it was just asthma, once they know what they are dealing with they can start helping you to get it sorted it may take some time but be patient, the one thing I will say is that the car park is not cheap so take plenty of change with you,if you want to text me on here please feel free to do so. Oh I am in Bewdley

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