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Oral Steroid Relief Extra Opportunity?

I'm on an Oral Seroid Burst at present and thought I'd share an idea I've had about using the reduced sputum / mucus chest congestion that the Oral Steroids temporally deliver to start a new and permanent exercise regime aimed at keeping that sputum / mucus at bay. I'm thinking it's going to be easier to start exercising with less muck on my chest. That's it!

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I would love to be able to reduce the mucus in my tubes and back of my nose. Any ideas would be very much appreciated. What sort of exercise do you have in mind?

I can walk fairly briskly for half an hour as long as there isn't a cold wind or pollution.

I have been on Montelukast for several weeks but have a horrible feeling that it is not doing any good.



When I used to jog three miles a few times a week, it seem to me that doing so had an effect not unlike taking an expectorant. I'm therefore taking advantage of the breathing improvement temporarily provided by the oral steroid tablets to alternate a couple of minutes running / jogging with a couple of minutes walking. Total distance about 4 Miles (hour or so). So several runs / jogs interspersed with walking. Minimum three sessions a week, targeting 5 Sessions. Just an experiment really, but you gotta keep trying.

Also, significantly increasing your fluid intake is an important step if you have lots of mucus as the extra fluid helps to keep the mucus thin apparently.


I definitely can't run but I'll take your advice and drink more water. Thank you.


Hm interesting I also can't run, but I will increase my fluid intake in the hope it will thin the mucus.


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