Hi all been a while been so busy with hospital appointments etc hope al well I got my cataract operation today very nervous it's 2.30 today , I at the hospital all day got orthopedics this morning as well for arm that still not playing as it show can't turn it and still hurts so should b interesting what he has to say , chest wise I'm stuck on 40mg for at least a month before I can drop them and then only allowed to 35mg waiting for appointment from rbh to c them and one from the liver specialist well threats me have a good safe day everyone

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  • Good luck with all your hospital appointments.

  • Hi Tracey1972 I pray that your operation on your cataract operation goes well and is a complete success. I pray that the orthopedics doctors are able to sort out your wrist. I pray for peace for you today. In the name of Jesus Amen

  • I truly hope your day goes well.

  • Good luck with your operation and all appointments.

  • I will be thinking of you whilst you have you cataract operation.

    I hope it goes very well for you.

  • Probably a bit late now, but don't worry. Mine were a doddle. No problems with either of them. The worst thing is messing about with eye drops afterwards.

  • I had my cataract done. in Jume best thing I ever did. Good luck

  • Good luck Tracey. Do let us know how you get on xxx

  • Yea went well it now having bluriness and headaches and flashing lights in them got to go back and c them tomorrow so they can have look sometime when u get that it's the retina coming away fingers crossed everything will b ok hope all well X

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