Any advice please?

Hi All, I hope you are all good, I'm here again needing advice, OK soooo I have been on my orange inhaler for about 2 month it has seemed to of helped my breathing and coughing! 👍 However I am due to go back work tomorrow and today I have been coughing a little mucus again and having that raspy noise when breathing out?? Could this be stress? Even though I love my job I am worried that I might be poorly again, I had issues with very unpleasant side effects on other medications so I'm maintaining a 50puff in the morning and 50puff at night time, it's not like I can easily up dosage.another quick question is does your body get used to the corticosteroids used by us? I'm worried that we have to take more if it does, I'm pretty sure I asked this question when I was diagnosed and the answer was no your body won't get used to them? Anyway as always thanks for reading my post and any feedback is appreciated very much, still a newbie and trying to get my head around it all, getting a reply is like a little hug from someone who knows what we go through 😊

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  • 50mcg of Fluticasone?

  • Hi, yes 2puffs per day.

  • Have a hug! Inhaled steroids have almost no effect in long term use, but oral steroids do. Don't up or lower the dosage without checking with your Doctor. Asthma isn't all about the medicines you take; it is also to do with your state of mind. It looks as if you are anxious about going back to work and if so, you have to give yourself a good talking to, to get you relaxed and looking forward to it - though by the time you read this, you've already had your 1st day back and it was all fine! Take one day at a time - don't fret about what might go wrong, because it might not. Just enjoy today. And then enjoy tomorrow and so on. (If I knew how to put a smiley on here, I would.)

  • Chrissie raises some good points. The only thing I would add is 1, Is your peak flow ok? 2, Is your blue inhaler helping and how often are you using it and 3, Is this a sustained worsening or just a one off?

    You have plenty of scope for increasing the inhaled steroid as 100mcg twice a day isn't a high dose at all but it probably wont be necessary. As Chrissie says, if your symptoms are sustained see the GP or asthma nurse.

  • Thanks for your replies guys! 😊 I had my first day back at work today, I was shaking like a leaf,but made it, wooohoooooo. I think I had stressed myself,( that and the fact I need to drink more) I'm just new to all this and really appreciate the advice, this site is great and everyone is so awesome! Take care all, oh and thanks for the hug chrissie 😊

  • Are you talking about a nasal spray.

  • Ok, I'm sorry. And I'm so very new here. I had to look up the orange inhaler, I only know it as Flovent. I might write a post of my own. Anyway. It does kind of sound like stress. Maybe once you get back to work and into the swing of things of things it will calm down? Of course this was 3 days ago...

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