Poor contolled asthma

Any advice or help for poor controlled asthma

I hav flare ups and steriods every month despite taking all my medication.

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  • Sorry don't have much advise I to am the same and struggle with doctors at the hospital it's really rubbish but your not alone x

  • Thank u for ur support

  • You need to speak to the Asthma UK nurse on 0300 222 5800. I assume you have checked and practised your inhaler technique with your own asthma nurse at your GP practice and that you know how to relax when you feel poorly and you know what triggers to avoid. There has to be some reason for all this and you might be able to get a different kind of therapy apart from medication, like exercises or something.

    Don't give up. Modern medicine is wonderful, but sometimes you need a more imaginative approach to things.

  • Thank u

  • Hi, do you go to the respiratory clinic? If not ask your GP for a referral asap.

    Take care xx

  • Wasnt aware of a respiratory clinic. I will ask my gp about it. Thanks for your advice. Just fed up with stetiods cus they suck the calcium from the bones could lead to ostoprosis

  • At your local hospital usually. Your GP will make a referral. Be insistentūüėÉTake Vitamin D for your bones.

  • Thank u. All advice welcome.

  • I take it already

  • I'd try and get an appointment with a respiratory specialist or speak to your doctor about another course of treatment as you don't feel this is working and why you don't feel it's working

  • My symptoms improved greatly when I lived in a flat without carpets and kept the place dust-free with a HEPA air purifier and HEPA vaccuum cleaner and careful cleaning (microfibre cloths etc.). In addition I try not to eat much wheat/pasta (shame 'cause I like pasta), or dairy/beef but the list of potential triggers is long and everyone has different sensitivities. I am a sucker for supplements too and I'm sure some help!!

  • Be wary though of changing or removing carpets from where you live unless you can move out for a few weeks to allow the dust residues to be cleared!!!

  • I'd do some research and ask for a respiratory referral. I was having exacerbations every month overly other month but respiratory consultant has helped optimise treatments for me and I'm very much improved!

  • What medication did he give to help adthma

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