A good summer

Hi all I haven't been very active lately with posting and replies as I been out of touch. Family holiday and lack of internet.

I have been really well since May when I started on monkelaust. My asthma was been irritated by my hay fever but now on this medication I have felt fine. I have never had to use my Ventolin not even once. I still carry it around with me of course. I am due to go back and see my asthma nurse next month for a review of my medication. I still taking my preventer Flixotide too. So I wait to see what happens.

This is what is like to be feel really well and almost forget that I have asthma.

I have another long term health condition which with treatment from nhs from the last 18 months via out patience has really improved. So I thank God for the I really the NHS for my care. I will post or reply when I think I have something to share and can help people. Thank you all for all the encouragement you given me.

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  • Glad you have had a good spell. As you say what would we do without the NHS even with its failings.

  • It is great that your asthma is controlled well.

    Long may it continue. 😃

  • I am really pleased that you are feeling better. I am now on my second month with Montkelaust and have not noticed much difference yet although my GP did say to give it until the end of September. I see from an earlier post of yours that you felt better after a couple of weeks.

    I am trying to give up alcohol as I think that may make me worse. I usually have white wine but think the preservatives may not be good. Trouble is, I enjoy relaxing with friends and wine!

  • Hi. I would say persist a while with your Montelukast. I've been on it eight months now, beginning at my worst time of the year, in January. It seemed to gradually not suddenly improve my asthma. I continued to get seasonal chest infections but as they subsided and my lungs improved through the warmer months, I noticed my sensitivity to perfumes etc is much less. I get fewer reactions, I'm less sensitive, and the reactions don't escalate so easily. I've had four months free of significant asthma. The coming winter will be my real testing time though! Good luck.

  • Hi SheliaC

    I hope and pray you feel better soon. I don't drink alcohol as I have another condition called Interisal Cystics which if I drink alcohol would make my bladder hurt very much.

    Its interesting that your GP said it would take longer to notice any difference. My asthma nurse said it would work in 2 wks or not. I was given the impression it was very clear case of yes or no. Have a good sunday.

  • so glad you are feeling a lot better... we all need a breather (sorry for the pun here lol) to help us get through the bad times... x

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