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Managing my asthma

Morning after almost a year of back and forth to doctors, hospital consultants and helpful nurses.

I was able to visit a friend for a week in the north west. Car loaded with meds nebuliser and everything else.

Whilst away another friend had arranged for me to see a specialised allergy tester. Well to my amazement I have so many allergies. Wheat/yeast dairy, sugar tomatoes, potatoes, moulds grasses the list goes on..

Since returning I have been to see my GP as I also had very low Vit D and C

As well as magnisium which is hardly surprising as hospital never seem to follow this up with medication after you come out. So I now take supplements.

Removing the above foods from my diet with difficulty my breathing has greatly improved.

Just hope to continue to stay well in the next coming change of seasons.

I would recommend allergy testing one never knows how your diet plays an important part of how we control our health.

Sorry for going on a bit. 😎

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I'm so pleased that your breathing issues have improved.


Hi, where do we find these allergy testers?


I'm not sure of where you are located but I was fortunate that my friends friend was the allergy tester in the north west of England.

But there is a lady in Bromley called Pauline Mills of Bromley I am not sure how good she is but from readying her info she sounds pretty thorough.

I paid Β£50 which is a lot of money, but not to much to try and hopefully change your life style to help improve your health. But you mus be prepared for many lifestyle changes as this is what it is.

I'm finding it difficult at times, as I have allergies to many different foods, by cutting these from my diet and finding substitutes is challenging. But I am prepared to do this if it improves my asthma. Time will tell.

Good luck please let us know how you get on. πŸ˜„


that's brilliant I'm so glad you shared this information 😊 hope you're asthma continues to improve.


Very interesting results. Thanks for sharing. How did your GP react to the findings? I don't know why testing isn't more readily available. I guess it's expensive but in the long run no more so than meds. Good luck and keep us posted


I am extremely fortunate to have a very good GP, although she says this sort of thing is not available on the NHS research has found that certain foods can be triggers for certain people.

I also found that I was extremely low of magnesium, Vit D and Calcium and she has help by giving me a prescription for these.

I visit my hospital consultant in October, so I will see what he thinks.

As previously I have been tested for mounds at the hospital and found to have an allergy to these also.

So I'm sure the hospital can test certain things.

I'd like to be tested for celiac disease as I have a wheat and yeast intolerance.

I have been better since removing the foods from my diet, but I also suffered by damp and wet weather, so I'll wait and see what happens in the coming weeks. πŸ˜„


That's really interesting, thank you for sharing. I really don't want to be taking lots of drugs to manage asthma - a friend of mine told me about Vitamin D, so will take a look into that too. Thanks again, and hope you continue to improve!


Hello Jokir152

When I eliminated dairy from my diet, my asthma, like yours, improved. I used the nebulizer for a while, not now. Do you incorporate physical exercise in your asthma management? If so, what kind of exercise?

Thank you,

John Terry McConnell


Well I used to be a Nordic walking walker, but haven't done so in over a year.

But I am hoping to start very soon starting gently and to increase with time.

Although in the past Iv not been good with the wet and damp weather.

I have so been looking forward to my day watching London night at the proms in Hyde park.

But would you believe only day to be forecast rain in our day Saturday.

So I sincerely hope it passes over


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