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No help from docs

Hi again y'all. I still do not have an official diagnosis, but I need advice. Work was particularly busy the last few days, so my "episodes" have been especially bad. Today, for instance, I had two episodes 30 minutes apart. After about two hours I was finally able to breathe somewhat normal again, but my chest and throat still feel like they're on fire and breathing still feels like a chore. I'm sure by the time I get responses I'll feel better, but for future reference. How do I make the burning go away and open up the airways again?

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You need to get a diagnosis of some kind - you can't go on like this. It is not only asthma that makes breathing difficult, and I am not a medic, so I cannot advise you except to say you must pester your GP to refer you if s/he doesn't know what is causing this, or go to A&E when you have an attack. Sadly, sometimes you have to insist strongly (i.e. make a nuisance of yourself) to get the help you need.

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I've considered aggravating the symptoms (aka working out for a few minutes) and going in just so they see what I'm going through, but of course that means pain and I hate how it feels :/ but the doctors have gotten to the point that every time I call, they say they'll call me back then hang up -_-


Do u hav acid reflux. U should see your doctor if u hav difficulty breathing or go to a and e. Dont ignore this get help.


I wish it was just acid reflux! At least that I know how to control and it goes away after a day


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