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Asthma & excessive mucus

Hi, my name is Katy,

I just joined this fora because I feel I need input and advice from fellow mucus asthma sufferers .

There is a history of asthma in my family BUT I wasn't diagnosed as having asthma until I was around 30. The symptoms started with a dry cough and have progressed to a extremely wet productive wet cough.

Over the years (roughly 25 since diagnosis) my symptoms have become worse. I produce a great deal of mucus, all the time. The build up of this mucus leads to shortness of breath and chest tightness. Inhalers don't help that much. I have to cough quite violently to move the mucus.

If it take inhalers (sabutemol) it has the effect of thickening the mucus, definitely not reducing it. Even taking the inhalers (including ventolin for acute episodes) doesn't reduce the mucus.

My quality of life is noticable declining. Two flights of stairs cause me to cough, with little control.

I'd really appreciate advice from any asthma suffers with similar symptoms.



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I also get a lot of mucus especially when my asthma is bad. The colour is important as it can be a sign of infection so I would talk to your doctor about it is you haven't already done so as they can also test it if necessary. I take carbocysteine which really helps as it thins the mucus and makes it easier to cough up.


Hi. My consultant told me that when my asthma is bad and my airways are tight the airways produce mucus. When you take the ventolin the airways relax and then you cough up the mucus. I cough up a lot of mucus. If it's yellow or green you need antibiotics. Hope this helps.


Hi KatyS, I believe some asthma can develop into COPD, which I think is worth being checked-up for signs of.


As this has been going on for such a long time you should think of getting a referral to a respiratory consultant. I have had asthma since birth and ten years ago, after an asthma attack I got like you and had frequent infections. I was like that for nearly 5 years and eventually my husband said you need to get something done it is not going away. So was referred to a consultant and they found after a CT Scan I had very mild Bronchiectasis at the bottom of my left lung. I do breathing exercises and use a "flutter" device to help bring up the mucous and it really does help. The docs have talked about prescribing carbo systeine but decided because the Bronchiectasis is mild (but now in the bottom of both lungs 10 years later) and I am coping with the regime that it is better to keep that in reserve as there are side effects from it so better if possible to keep on as few medications as necessary. However if your Doc prescribes this for you then don't avoid it it is what you need - everything has side effects but if it makes you better it is worth it.


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