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Good morning everyone hope u all ok and had a good night well last night in hospital or should b got to have the camera down today to check inside my throat and voice box at 10am not looking forward to it but need to check to make sure it's not contributing to my breathing and had a liver scan yesterday and my liver is in larger so i need to come back on a few week to the other hospital up the road to c a liver specialist to c what he can do to help me it's only been since I took took pregabalin last year and it gave me heppititus that has gone but has played the liver up since so more to worry about they want to have a proper look at it I get a lot of nauseness with it not nice so hopefully they can give me something for it was surprised when he said how bad it was another thing to worry about but home tomorrow hopefully have a good day everyone and stay safe

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  • Good luck with the tube. Are you going to be under sedation for that?

  • No sedation had it done now Just had camera down voice box got lot of thrush down there he said and on tongue and a lot of secreasuns waiting to c Durham now my asthma doc then c then all when I go back up with bone scan results and everything else

  • What are they going to do about the thrush?

  • Going give me some nystatin drops

  • I had thrush in my mouth and because I did not have a white coated tongue they told me it was not thrush. Eventually it was in my body and they called it candida and I was given three weeks of anti fungal tablets which eventually cleared it. I had all of this for over five years before it eventually went but now I know when I have thrush in my mouth and insist on the tablets as nystatin did not work for me. Make sure you get rid of it as it causes many problems in your gut xxx

  • Yea I will I suffer with it in my mouth a lot but now in voice box he said. Bad

  • Take care Tracey. Thinking if you xxx

  • Tracey do take care of yourself.

    I do hope you manage to get home tomorrow.

  • Transport booked for 2 pm home got double sleep study tonight

  • Take care Tracey and hope you get home tomorrow - at least they are being through X

  • My dentist gave me Corsydel (sp?) mouthwash (agony!) and Nystatin for oral thrush. An asthma nurse told me to drink after using inhalers (I prefer to rinse & spit). Eat natural yoghurt, such as Yeo, and take high dosage Probiotics to protect yourself.

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