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Effective Action leading to freedom

Hi, I was first diagnosed with asthma when I was only months old, and it caused me a lot of suffering, especially in my younger years. It never went away, and It troubled me through most of my adult life. I've had all the usual treatments, the most recent being the 'reliever' blue inhaler (Salbutamol) when needed, and the 'preventer' brown (Clenil Modulite) inhaler morning and night. However, I have not needed to take either of these for six months, in fact I have not needed ANY asthma treatment AT ALL, since I gave up DAIRY PRODUCTS! It wasn't easy at first, particularly as I really like yoghurt, also cheese, but I soon found that there are alternatives (Goats Cheese is OK, in fact it's now one of my faves). The benefits certainly outweigh the sacrifices, though.

It all kind of makes sense - I was diagnosed with asthma almost as soon as I came off my Mum's milk. I'm happy now that I've found my cure, just bitter that it took 50+ years to do it, and that no doctor even suggested an allergy to dairy products could be a possible cause. I mean, isn't it common knowledge that cow's milk is mucus-forming? I'm sure that many other people could benefit from this simple adjustment to their diet.

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