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Asthma management

Having had and neglected asthma for 20+ years it's really come to bite me on the ass. ... it all started with a high pulse (see my other post for the details) anyway I've been taking beclomethasone for a month or so now and have really noticed a difference in how light and easy it is to breath (I'd figured I was just massively unfit and lazy before)

What really concerns me is I've been obviously having symptoms I've ignored/ not noticed for years including :

- breathlessness during exertion

- various pains in my chest (put these down to lifting and moving stuff and straining muscles)

- heaviness in my chest (which was almost permanent so I learnt to live with it/stopped noticing )

- lack of energy (just thought I was working too hard)

- disturbed sleep

So what I'd like to know is how do other people deal with/make sure they notice the less obvious symptoms?

What other symproms should I look out for?



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