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Not sure ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž

Hi as I said on my other post I have had asthma all my life . With the usual flare ups and chesty things happening I got on with it . Until three years ago as I said in other post .

Well I'm convinced that what is happening to me is not asthma related or a chest infection like the docs and nurses keep telling me .They keep chucking steroids and and antibiotics at me which I pick up and don't take as I know they won't work . I have told them this on all my appointments.

I have what sounds like a chesty smokers cough (never even tried smoking ,hate it so much )which is so bad in the morning . It's almost like I have to clear all the yuk from my tubes before I get on with the day .I do cough during the day but as I said it's the clearing of the tubes in morning that gets me . The mucus is always clear . I'm always trying to clear my throat and my nose is usually a bit blocked . I have had pollops in the past and have allergies which I have never been tested for . .

Coughing really hard every morning leaves me breathless and tired before the day starts . If I take my inhaler for breathlessness it doesn't help as this cough is not ashma related I'm sure . It's just convincing my doc . I take antihistamine now and again when I feel allergies are bugging me . They help a little .

It's getting me so down being like this as I'm a pretty positive person and was really fit and active until this happened . Steroids made me put weight on and I lost the will a bit . Also ended up with Pnumonia earlier this year but feeling better and ready to get fit and healthy again but need to get this cough sorted . Maybe asthma group not the right place for this post but any ideas welcome .๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒป

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Have you ever been given anything for acid reflux because belief it or not that can cause a horrible cough even without other symptoms


Hi Beth

Thank you for reply . I have been taking opremesapol (not sure if that's how to spell them ) for a while but cough started before I started them .

Going back to doc next week and not leaving until I get something done . Making me so down in dumps and affecting my everyday living


I've been like that. The Dr. thought it might be post nasal drip. He gave me a nasal spray & now it's much better.

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Do you see a respiratory consultant? If not I would ask to get an appointment with one to see if they can get to the bottom of this.


Hi I think you should ask for a CT scan as this will show if anything is wrong with your lungs and what it is. Hopefully it is nothing but it should be checked out.

Have you had a recent X-Ray? Or a spirometry test? x


I had the same thing 2 years ago for about 3 months. Went to the dr, had an X-ray and everything, the conclusion was that it was asthma related. I up my steroid inhaler, treated the indigestion I had now and then for a solid month with omprazole and actually the thing I think helped the most was that I took antihistamines solidly for 3 months. I think I had post nasal drip that affected my asthma as it made me cough up mucus.

Hope everything gets better soon.


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