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lack of concern by managment to treat asthma suffers fairly

hi, i was a phlebotomist at a local hospital till i was sackd due to my sick record caused by my asthma. i was diagnosed with occupational asthma back in 1993 whilst working in the hospital theatre enviroment. however over the last 9 years my asthma has now become classed as brittle asthma, as certain things can set me off like changes in weather or certain perfumes and deodorants

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Yeah I'm like that except they say my asthma is under control as my lung function tests were good; however I explained to them despite having asthma I've always had good lungs because of swimming and singing.

Have you been given any option of appeal against your sacking? Did they take any reasonable steps to help you in your work environment?


yes i did appeal, but was up held against me. my manager said she put in place reasonable steps like signs warning staff telling people to keep perfumes/deodorants to a minimum. i was not allowed to use the staff changing room or the staff tea room

for a health service i have had no support from any of the management team

i have taken my dismissal to ACAS with no luck so now going to take it further


Wish you luck with challenging this awful decision. Surely at the very least they should try and find you a suitable position in another area?

I have been pretty well supported at work with the same steps in place - notices in our office and one of the ladies toilets telling people not to spray. However I am now confronted with having had an agreement in place whereby I could work from home if weather conditions were making my asthma worse having been ignored by new manager and being re-referred to occ health. I have my union involved now so can understand a little of your fight.

Wishing you well with your health and challenge at work x


Very sorry to hear this. My asthma eventually improved when I finished full time work in the public sector. Hope things improve for you.

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