Relvar elipta 184 advice


This summer I swapped symbicort 400 for relvar elipta 184.

I had been taking back to back courses of pred all summer and have finally managed a few weeks without oral steroids. My peak flow is dropping tho now, and my chest is achey and tight and flarey. When I was on symbicort 400 I would up my 4 puffs a day to 6 or 8 before starting steroids. Does anyone know if there is a step I could try with relvar elipta 184 before resorting to my pred tablets? (I am also on montelukast, fexofenadine, omeprazole and I have a nebuliser for salbutamol if my blue inhaler isn't doing the trick)

I am very keen to avoid the pred as I feel like I have taken so much of it this year already.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

Emily xxx

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  • Unfortunately Relvar is a once daily dose so increasing the dose is not an option

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