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Relvar elipta 184 advice


This summer I swapped symbicort 400 for relvar elipta 184.

I had been taking back to back courses of pred all summer and have finally managed a few weeks without oral steroids. My peak flow is dropping tho now, and my chest is achey and tight and flarey. When I was on symbicort 400 I would up my 4 puffs a day to 6 or 8 before starting steroids. Does anyone know if there is a step I could try with relvar elipta 184 before resorting to my pred tablets? (I am also on montelukast, fexofenadine, omeprazole and I have a nebuliser for salbutamol if my blue inhaler isn't doing the trick)

I am very keen to avoid the pred as I feel like I have taken so much of it this year already.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

Emily xxx

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Unfortunately Relvar is a once daily dose so increasing the dose is not an option

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I was on relvar and bricanyl (with other stuff too)...

I had a bad attack followed by another one a few weeks later...I was taken off the Breathe activated inhalers (relvar and bricanyl) because it is thought that I wasn't getting enough of the meds where it was needed because it's a dry powder. I've been moved to fostair 200/6 and salbutamol ( I have to take it through a spacer...always!!). I have the same issue where my amber action plan had preds and antibiotics but I can't up my fostair because I'm on the highest dose!! I'm waiting for an appointment with respiratory team at hospital to find out what to do!!

I feel your pain...take the preds if you need them...better than a trip in an ambulance! Ask your GP for a referral to specialist or make and appointment with them if you are currently under their care you need to clear up the action you need in your amber part of action plan!

Puff! That's a long reply!! Sorry!!

If you find out the answer to this after a medical appointment let me know and I will let you know if my appointment comes round first!!

Sorry I didn't help but sometimes it helps to know others are in the same position!!

Take care!! Xxx


Hi, thanks for your reply - it is good to know others are in the same boat and understand.

I went back to my GP and he swapped montelukast for accolate which seems to have helped a bit, I can now breath through my nose for first time in ages.

The amber step for me is now 5 days of pred. I am waiting for a bone scan because of how much steroid I'm using. If there's a problem I ll get something to protect my bones.

Usually my asthma behaves better over the winter so I'm hoping the flare ups will settle down a bit soon.

Hope Fostair works better for you xxx

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Hi,did you find out if it's possible to increase Relvar dosage?

I used to take seretide and increased the dosage when had exacerbations

Now - on Relvar and not sure how I can double the dosage up


Hi there

I've been told not to double up the relvar.

My bone scan results were not so good so I'm now waiting to see an immunologist to see what they suggest we try next. Meantime I am avoiding pred and using more salbutamol.

My asthma nurse is always helpful if I am not sure what to try next and the asthma uk helpline have given very good advice.

Hope you find something that works for you, good luck xxx


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