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Asthma Attack round 2?

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Hey everyone,

I took an asthma attack just over 2 weeks ago and it was the scariest experience of my life. For the past few days I have been starting to feel the symptoms coming on again - the tightness in the chest, hot sweats, pains in back, feeling short of breath. I know from my previous experience that the best thing to do is to drink caffeine (tea, coffee) take my inhalers, monitor the peak flow and to rest. It's all fine and good doing these things but it's still terrifying to think it might be coming back.

I was out at a local shopping centre with my mum today and all of a sudden the tight band came back around my chest and the pains through my back, it was an all too familiar feeling. The only thing that has changed is the weather, it's been very clammy in Belfast over the past couple of days. Has anybody else experienced asthma attack symptoms coming back from a change in the weather? It sounds ridiculous even asking that :(

Thanks in advance for any replies !

Nicola x

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hi Nicola, it's not ridiculous my son always has problem with charging weather,strong smell, anything can effect asthma. Nearly all asthmatic have the same problem, plus stress, excitement and exercise.

keep up you inhalers it might just pass.

hope you're ok 😊

Yes all the time!! When it's that horrible clamay way I'm always gasping for breath

Or when it's foggy I can't even go outdoors!

Frost is another pest that stops me in my tracks so ur not alone!!

Yes the weather has a big impact it is the pressures thundery weather is bad ! Very cold or foggy . Discuss with ur asthma nurse for advice

Weather is a big trigger of mine either the humidity or when it rains and "dumps" pollen.

As others have said, yes changing weather is a common cause. I've been asthmatic most of my life, really bad this year and ive found two things that help. First, sounds crazy, but exercise as much as you can. Secondly control breathing. Can't believe I've only just learned this. You breathe through your tummy, keeping shoulders relaxed, pushing tummy muscles out, then either blow gently or just let the air go. I used this during an attack waiting for an ambulance to cart me off again. Not easy, but very effective and I try to breathe that way as much as I can now. Good luck.

Hi. A change in the weather does upset my asthma as well.

Take care.

Hi not silly at all as weather is a known trigger for asthma attacks.

This may sound silly but have you tried breathing through your nose when you have an attack? I usually get my attacks in the middle of the night and I panic when I can't get any air in. Naturally I try and breathe through my mouth. It wasn't until someone said breathe through your nose instead that my attacks became less scary. x

I quite often find that I can be fine whilst I'm abroad on holiday when it's hot. However, I find that when I get back from holiday my symptoms are worse.


This might not be easy if you are new to asthma, but I grew up with it in the late 50's with no inhalers (don't know if they were available, or maybe just unavailable in this area at that time on the fledgling NHS), but I learnt with the help of my parents to not let my mind dwell on an attack or symptoms, try to think of something completely different, do something to take your mind off it. I still do this now and only use a reliever as a last resort. Hope you get some relief.

Like others weather is a trigger for me also. In winter if it is very cold or foggy I have to cover my mouth cos the cold air really catches my throat and sets me off coughing. Likewise, when it's hot & muggy with no air I struggle to.

when I was a child I used to get funny springy feeling in my chest. At that time I was unable to explan but every time it got thundery then the springy feel would start and not clear till the storm had passes. I started on inhaler's at 19 when I moved away for home and had to change GPs. Well any way I still got the springy feeling and really bad tightness. This time my deliver helpped a little. We after a bad attack that landed me in hospital I was given regular nebs and told to get one for home and then get some nebs. So to start with it was just ventolin as needed then it was atrovent when bad 4x a day. Then I when though a few hospitals and now do nebs as needed. Normally ventolin and sailne before physio then atrovent. When I have a cold or infection then its 4x with extra physio. I still do get the tightness before a storm but not so much the springy feeling 😉

Lots of stuff cause asthma - weather hot and cold, perfumes, scented candels, strong odours eg bleach cleaning sprays, deodrants, smells, emotions , laughing, crying, stress, the list goes on but differs for each individual. Read up on asthma and educate yourself so u are aware and know how to.cope. i was very anxious wi my first attack now i know how to cope i am.less anxious. Hope yr well soon.

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