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Does anyone know if there is anything our there that can hold a low temperature as I use fostair and this needs to be kept in a fridge. When I go away for a few days it is often difficult to get this stored and it would be useful if there was a min fridge that I could transport the fostair in that was electrically powered. I know that I can use a coolbag with a freezer pack but this will only last one day and then I have to try to freeze the pack again

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  • i was told you only need to store it in a fridge if not using it. i asked asthma nurse about this and she said its only stored by the chemists in a fridge not by me so unsure of this really but i tend to open them straight away so ive no need to store mine in a fridge once opened there either in my bag or coat. maybe if your worried ask can you store it in a cool area of where you will be staying. hope this helps.

  • Yes look on the diabetic web sites I have a pouch that you immerse in water it keeps insulin cool under 30degrees last 72 hours then redo water thing I I will have a look what it is called let you know come in different sizes

  • I was told fostair only needs to be kept in the fridge until it's started ? Check with your pharmacist . I was prescribed it as a breakthrough reliever med too and asked BECUASE if using it as reliever it would need to be taken around with me , that's when I was told it only needed to be kept in fridge till started

  • Frio cooling products

  • Hi......hubby not told anything about storing his Fostair Nexthaler. .Have just gone through the leaflet and it says nothing about fridges etc.

    It says and I quote. "" This medicine does not require any special temperature storage conditions.""

    Then it says "" do not store above 25 ° C. "" ..

    Maybe hubby has a different product ,. If so apologies for writing this.


  • Thanks to everyone for the replies. It does look like I dont need to store this in the fridge

  • I am on Fostair 200 and have never stored it in the fridge before and after opening and my pharmacist has never said anything about it.

  • Hi only need to be kept in fridge at chemist as it is a life item it has 6 months when you pick it up from chemist that what I was told

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