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(I'm new here) OMG, I wish this would end. Asthma attack, been acting up for a couple weeks, got much worse over the weekend, and now on Prednisone, Antibiotics plus my usual nebulizer, Advair and Ventolin. Starting my 5th day on the new medications, but still having so much trouble. Cannot cough up, so my chest and even my throat stays tight with a lot of wheezing. Does anyone else have the tightening in the neck and throat area? Thank you for any help, I'm losing hope fast. ♥

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  • Hi Marialou, so sorry to hear you're struggling. I have been too for 6 weeks but now after having higher dose of prednisolone am starting to cough less each day and am hoping the end of this bad patch is in sight.

    I do get the tightness as well. It's like your throat is closing up and you can't stop coughing.

    Please don't lose hope. Rest as much as you need, sleep as much as you need and drink loads! I found that really helps with the coughing fits and the dry throat.

    Look after yourself x

  • Hi Marialou. Byes the same for me. Am in second lot of antibiotics and second lot of prednisone - higher dose this time. And my throat and neck hurt a lot. Told the doctor but she made no comment. I think it is all the coughing that causes it.

  • Dont have neck or throat tightening but when i cant cough i found that when i huff a few timez then i can cough. Huffing means blowing your breath out about 3 times ( like as if u were blowing your breath on a mirror to up) then slightly tilt yr head up and u should start coughing. hope ur health improves soon.

  • Sorry it's not good for you just now. There are a few of in here struggling I was in hospital this time last week. Unfortunately there is not a lot to do but keep taking the meds and rest. Do you have an escalation plan?

  • Don't ever lose hope, because although it is tough now, it will get better: all the advice and experience here tells you that. You just have to be patient - try any relaxation method that works for you: not a bath, that used to exhaust me. Soft music might help. Think of your body slowly defeating the onslaught of the attack by gentle means, or whatever. All good wishes coming your way.

  • I have had the tightening of the throat etc too... and also been sick from coughing so much....happened last night.... had to take my steroids to calm it down and my nebuliser too (hope I didn't wake the neighbours at 4:30am lol...finally went to sleep exhausted...feel much better now though still tired... might need to see the GP in the morning.. hope you feel better soon too hun...don't lose hope.... the good days outweigh the bad in most cases.. so hang in there we are all with you x

  • Tightening in your throat could be acid reflux. If you have a history of that, you should see your doctor.

  • Hi,

    I had a chest infection and was on all meds but I also tried an intravenous C injection which seemed to help a bit - but I must admit only a bit. An intravenous injection gets straight in and means you can take a higher dose than by mouth.

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