Exacerbation of asthma

My asthma has been really controlled to the point of only needing a salbutamol inhaler from the age of about 8 till 2 months ago. I ended up having to ring 999 and having back to back nebulisers. I've been started on an inhaler with budesonide formoterol and fumarayr dihydrate. I'm still having symptoms and night time symptoms. Does anyone know if this is a good inhaler to be on? I've previously been on seretide but they said they wouldn't prescribe that.

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  • i also use budesonide ( SYmbicort) 3 months already as a maintenance... its good. not as fast as what we really want it to be but overtime, with the proper use it will surely improved your condition..Hope you get better very soon. XX

  • Thank you I've been on it for nearly 4 weeks now. Still not feeling any better but fingers crossed it helps soon. Xx

  • I too take Symbicort. The thing to remember with Symbicort is that if you are really bad, use your Ventolin (or reliever inhaler) first and then the Symbicort. I can usually get through most days without Ventolin, but some days I need to top up with Ventolin. Also, if you have been really bad lately, it can take time for you to recover. Don't forget to give yourself a chance to recover. I hope you feel better soon. x

  • I'm still topping up to 8 times a day. Sometimes it's hourly, especially when I'm at work. Yeah I seem to have got worse this last week gradually which is why I'm concerned about the new inhaler not working :( xx

  • You if you are using it that much, you should go back to your doctor. I go through phases where I use it the maximum 12 times a day. That's kind of how I know when I am getting bad considering my peak flow doesn't really help. Hope you feel better soon. x

  • I'm back on Prednisolone. So hopefully that'll restart everything and make me feel a bit better by at least tonight xx

  • Not being properly controlled if u need hourly inhalers. Get to see gp asap or go to out of hours doctors. If no appts i wud go to a and e.

  • you mean you still use ventolin 8times a day together with Symbicort?

  • I take symbicourt too , I was changed to fostair but didn't get in with it . I have severe brittle asthma and my consultant prescribed symbicourt on what they call smart regime - symbicourt maintainance and reliever therapy . As it contains a bronchodilator as well,as steroids if I am short of breathe I can take up to 8 extra puffs a day as well as my morning and Eve dose . Then if I'm still having problems I can then go onto ventolin as a back up . It gives you a small extra boost of steroid .

    I do find that when taking it it does take a little longer to ease shortness and tightness but then usually find it lasts longer in effect than salbutamol alone . Do you have a chest consultant , perhaps you could ask him advise , OT an asthma nurse ???? .

  • I rang asthma uk actually who advised me to try and be seen by my gp or asthma nurse. The gp receptionist was really shitty as supposedly I should have rang at 8 but had left it to late to be seen but would get the gp to ring me because it's asthma. I'm on on a short course or Prednisolone to hopefully reset everything. I'm only allowed to take that inhaler 2 puffs twice a day and then I take my salbutamol inbetween but I can take up to 10 puffs every hour at some points in the day. When did you get referred to a specialist? X

  • 1990 I was repeatedly in hospital for ,y asthma so it was automatic to be followed up by hospital consultant - but in 1995 I was refered to the Brompton . It sounds like your asthma is not under proper control if you are taking that much ventolin but hopefully the Steriods should soon kick in and resolve that . If not - go back and see GP - you need to get this sorted . The weather etc at the moment is not helping asi have been suffering so that may be making things worse but you know your body and your asthma and if this new inhaler is not suiting you you need to nag nag nag till they change it , hang in there , hope you feel better soon , keep us posted on how your doing xx

  • I'm back at asthma clinic on Tuesday regardless of if I don't feel any better. I'm really busy at work so I'm struggling a but havnt been able to take my inhaler when I need to so now I'm sat having lunch I'm chugging away! Vicious cycle! Xx

  • I did really well on seretide but like many people on here had it changed and have gone gradually downhill. They're not prescribing it now due to cost 😠

    Agree with Rainbows, you def need to go back to your GP, doesn't sound like you're getting much help and yiur asthma needs controlling.

    Don't you just love GP receptionists!! One at my GP is the same....so annoying!

    Hope you feel better soon

  • Why have they changed most people from seretide? Is there a reason? X

  • Cost Lucy !! Seretide is £13 more per inhaler than Flutiform which is what I am now on and that's what I was changed to. The report by NICE says changing peoe from seretide saves the NHS £167,000 per PCT.

    But myself and others on here wonder how much more we are costing the NHS with exacerbations due to being on inadequate meds?!

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