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Time to start on the Prednisilone?

Third day and I'm still suffering. Chest pains when I breathe in or swallow, had pain under my rib cage last night when I was breathing in while trying to sleep. Been really fatigued. Sleeping more than normal during the day but struggling to sleep at night. Go figure. I've been taking Tramadole for the pain but it's not really going to help long term.

I think it's possibly time to start on the Prednisilone (I'm skipping the Amoxycillin because I'm pretty much immune to that bugger now).

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I also have the same symptoms during the bad days, difficulty breathing pain in the rib cage and difficulty swallowing. HOpe you get better soon.:)


Yup, it's time. Did this last Christmas, and was so pleased I had preds at home. See your Dr. as soon as possible though. He might have better antibios for you.


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