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Does any one go and see dr egner in sheffield for there asthma and allergies?

Or does anyone see any one else in sheffield for there breathing?

My local hospital no long has a respiratory consultant and I am fed up of seeing locums .

Are there any other good respiratory consultants in yorkshire that are worth been referred to?

Thank you in advance for any replies.

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Hello Julie

I recently moved to Sheffield from Manchester but opted to stay under my own consultant back home due having no faith in other trusts because of one very bad experience, however after much persuasion from my "new Sheffield GP" I had a consultation with PROF SABROE @ The Royal Hallamshire, he's BRILLIANT, obviously very knowledgable but also extremely understanding & caring, as a Brittle Asthmatic for most of my 45yrs

(6 X ICU admissions) I, like most of us have developed a sixth sense for competence & I knew instantly that I was in very capable hands, so if you could get a referral to see him I'm sure you won't be disappointed...Good Luck, Jo x


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