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Clenil modulate -coming off it side effects


My 4 year old has been on 2-4 puffs twice a day for clenil since he was 20months.

We have just been advised to stop to see how he is affected -by a child asthma specialist.

He has shown us all of the symptoms since coming off that people mention when first taking it!

He has become irritable, rude, and generally not listening to us. He is a very well behaved child normally, it is only since coming off the clenil that his behaviour has gone down hill.

Has anyone else had this? I see a lot of info about the side effects when starting on clenil, but none for coming off.


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How far do you think his change in mood is because he is becoming short of breath? If he struggling a bit, he will be tired and therefore irritable, because he has to concentrate so hard on just breathing.

I should take him to the GP to see what he thinks. A doctor at the asthma clinic once told me to do the same - no medication - and my GP went nuts at him because my asthma is too fragile to be experimented on in this way. I was very wheezy!

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Thanks for your reply. His asthma has not been a problem-so far. I thought he would cough all night, but 2 weeks since stopping his asthma has barely been seen.

Just his poor attitude and a rash all around his mouth.


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