Hi everyone

Hi everyone

Went back t docs yesterday for check up on my chest and peek flow was 230 gone up bit but steroids still on 60 mg my best is 400 or above he said I'm not to lower them in till I get into London Rbh hospital next week for my Iv treatment think I need it now as lungs rant right and I'm puffing a bit ,

Started weight watchers last night should b interesting but might help me I'm not huge just a bit plump 13 stone I thought I was more to b honest but il get rid of it somewhere just got to b good going to b hard on the steroids and hydrocortisone but il try my best hope u all well take care and stay safe

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  • I do hope RBH treatment next week helps you.

    Take care Tracey.

  • Hi thanks I need it my body ready I know when the two months r up and due another dose of it my legs and feet will swell Uganda might lose some hair and mess is with my emotions but lungs like it hoe u doing ok X

  • Good luck Tracey at RBH and with weight watchers I do slimming world lost 4 stone so far I love it xxx

  • I tried slimming world but didn't really get on with it could eat to any carbs etc so going to try this seems more restricting as well well done u

  • I lost 5 1/2 stone on Slimming World 5 years ago, managed to keep it all off until the last 2 years when I've had more exacerbations and more and more steroids and have sadly put over 2 stone back on 😢 It's so demoralising. I hate the way I look and cannot seem to muster the will power to stick to anything at the moment

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