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Sulphite free diet?


Hope you're all doing ok? I've been seeing a new team in Portsmouth as my local didn't know what else to do to help me. I was supposed to be refered to Brompton but one of my consultants team used to work with Portsmouth asthma specialists and thought they could help, anyway this is getting away from the point, this new team are brilliant done so many more tests than my local team already and will be doing many more quite quickly but they have referred me to an asthma dietician and I see her next Monday. At first I was thinking it's because I'm on a high dose of steroids and my weight is a bit up and down (mainly up unfortunately) but then at my appointment with the consultant yesterday he said "oh so you will see the dietician next week, we want you to try a sulphite free diet" (apologies if I spelt sulphite wrong)

Being only human I've googled this and it seems to be mainly prepackaged food so it basically means fresh food, I'm not going to change it till I've seen the dietician so she can talk me through it all but has anyone else tried this? Is it easy? And most importantly was it beneficial? I'm vegetarian as well as not being able to eat nuts or seeds. So I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit and a lot of pasta. I also have a ridiculously sweet tooth.

I will happily do anything that will help me be healthier at the moment, I've just never heard of it before so I'm curious.

It looks so nice outside today, hope everyone can enjoy it. My chest is real iffy been awake a lot of the night so I might have to enjoy it from the inside looking out while I sort it out. But long as I can stay home and not go to the hospital I'm happy.

Callie :-)

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I'm under the severe asthma clinic at Portsmouth and have seen the ( brilliant!!) dietician there. They identified a risk of a serious vit d deficiency despite being an outdoor girl who loves oily fish and cheese - high in natural vit d. She provided totally sensible ideas to feed myself and my hubby - carbon head, and son - choc addict.....

Since been diagnosed with severe vit d deficiency and supplements with mega high vit diet have made major difference for the better.

Happy to chat more if you want.



Oh really that's great to know I was feeling a bit unsure about it as I saw a dietician at my local a few years ago and she was a bit intimidating and judgy about things and also completely unwilling to consider I had to feed my family at the same time as me(I understand it's not her problem I have 2 children and a husband to feed but it made it difficult that I felt I had to make myself seperate meals) so it's good to hear positive things.

I've been told just last week I had very low vit d levels, even though I've been on the adcald3 things for months, and given an additional supplement to take. So good to know she may be able to help with that also.

I've only been there a couple of times but I'm so impressed with the place already they are so much more efficient and knowledgable about things already. And really consider how it's effecting my life as a whole. I have an appointment with their psychologist there straight after the dietician apt which while I'm not 100% sure why I have it as I forgot to ask at my consultants appointment the other day, is reassuring they seem to be looking at everything from all angles. My local consultant just seemed to think as long as he was keeping me alive we were winning. (I'm sure it's not like that but it felt like it) so I'm a little over whelmed but I'm feeling a lot more confident that my symptoms can be improved and managed better and a lot more cared for. If that makes sense? Anyway sorry to blabber on thank you for replying :-)

Callie X

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Do asthma inhalers cause a vitamin D deficiency? Also what symptoms do you have for this deficiency? Thanks xx

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Hi Callie, would be really interested to know how you get on. I too am starting to look at foods which may be making my asthma worse. I'm waiting to go to a specialist respiratory clinic in Oxford which is 50 miles away but I don't mind that as long as we finally get some help! They have dietician, physios etc attached to the clinic so fingers crossed.

Good luck with your appointment ☺


Good luck. I have multiple food allergies and would say it is not easy but packaging and availability so much better than previously.


Bless you. Hope ur well soon. Know the feeling when u say iffey. Never heard about this diet but if it helps pls let us all know. Like yrself i will try anything to improve my asthma.



Hi cconsta1,

I follow a "sulphite free" diet for my asthma. It is relatively easy as many brands in the UK have it in big bold letters on the packaging. The main foods to look out for are dried fruit, canned beans & pulses and wine (also in sausages but I think you said you are vegetarian). The dried fruit and caned products you can buy organic ones which are a little more expensive or you can get dried beans & pulses and soak them. As for wine, you can get organic wine that is sulphite free!

Hope this helps :)


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