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Update: Went to the doctor today, not my usual doctor as he was on call today they said, some older lady I've never met before. She has advised me to take 8 steroids for 5 days, and I already had an 'emergency' pack at home so did not need to get any. At first she said oh you may need an antibiotic but changed her mind and said 'we are trying to use less antibiotics at the moment' which I found a bit strange but just ignored. Gave me a sick note to say I can't return to work till Thursday as can barely speak and work in a contact centre! Thank you for all your messages lately x

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  • I emphasise coz I used to work in a contact centre. Unfortunately as we were only allowed to take 7 days a year off sick I had to go in with severe chest infections, only for them to say if you are sick you shouldn't be in! But if you took too much time off they started issuing warning letters which could lead to dismissal. I was dismissed for illness.

    I hope you feel better soon. x

  • Yeah it's really silly! I went in last Wednesday and my team leader asked how I was after being off for a sickness bug, said I still felt a bit weak, had a long chat with me and sent me back home! Yeah I have been told now by my team leader last week that I will now get a warning letter called a letter of concern. But not sure I will get one for this week as have a doctors note to say I'm signed off. Aww that's not nice! I bet they are not this strict on team leaders/mangers! Thank you x

  • Hi I had med certs all the time I was off.... x

  • Hi, I don't know how bad your Asthma is, but if you have Severe Asthma, then your Health condition falls under the Disability Act and you are classed as Disabled.As a result, this means that you should be allowed more leniency before warning letters are issued, though I think your work will ask you to go for a Occupational Health Assessment to confirm all this. I also worked in a Call Centre. Worst places for people with Severe Asthma, in my opinion. I would recommend going for the Occupatik all Health Assessment if offered, as they may think of something else that can be done to help you stay in work. Sending cooling soothing thoughts you way.

  • I had a phonecall from occupational health when I first started at my new job and they were really unpleasant and more or less told me not to take sick days as there is no one else to cover my job. They actually made me scared to take a sick day. Ive heard they can be very good but I will never go through that again

  • Oh dear, sorry to hear that.

  • Hi Anne, this is a very helpful reply thank you! I never knew you could do that! I don't think my asthma is bad enough for me to be classed as disabled as only plays up every few months or when I get an infection. How would I get the Occupatik all health assessment? Would that be something I can ask my doctor to do? Yeah I'm not really enjoying working there any longer as my voice is giving up but am on the phone all day! X

  • Sorry I meant Occupational Health Assessment. Mine was instigated by work because I was having lots of time off sick.

    They can recommend different things to help keep you at work, reasonable adjustments in your work place. Or they may recommend that you reduce your hours? I had been working for 5 years at the place though, been hospitalised for a fortnight, and then off with stress for a while..

    In my case I was medically retired.

    If you are exceeding your sick leave, then I would think you would come under the Disability Act. Ask your GP. Read the Disability Act 2010 and see if it applies.

  • I am absent a lot from work with my asthma. I was concerned about losing my job because of so much sick leave. My occupational health doctor said my asthma abscence from work falls under the disability discrimination act. So i guess this means they cant sack me. Hope this helps.

  • Er... sorry healthwish but that is a myth. Employers can sack you for illness whether it comes under the DDA act or not. They don't use the words 'illness' but by not being at work it is considered a breach of contract. I was covered by it too but it made no difference. x

  • Going to add some more now based on my experiences and reading I did.

    As long as you have been in your job for at least 2 years then you have full rights and they can't sack you without a good reason. Your employer has a duty of care towards you under the Health and Safety at Work Act and as such as long as they are aware of your illness they have to make 'reasonable adjustments'. They will usually send you to Occapational Health to seek their advice - however they are not obliged to take it.

    Reasonable adjustments can include extra sick leave, more breaks, moving you to a different job etc. These however are all subject to 'business needs' If they don't make RA then if you are dismissed or made to leave (constructive dismissal) you can take your employers to tribunal and you would have a good case. This used to be free but has recently been changed by this Govt. so they now charge for it, not sure how much.

    The only other way to 'get' them is if they break your work contract in dismissing you, ie on a technicality.

    Are you in a union? It is a complex area and you would probably need help with it. ACAS (google it) are a good source of help and advice.

    In my case they followed the rules to the letter so I had no real case to take to tribunal - maybe 50-50. If I lost the employers said they would sue me for costs.

    I hope it doesn't come to that for you. Take care.

  • Thanks for that information.

  • Thank you for your reply :) x

  • Hope you feel better so. As to the antibiotic comment there is definitely rethink on the use of them. Many times in the past they have been given for viral infections and have no affect. This has led to some nasty drug resistance and we all have a role in trying to stop this trend.

    Get better soon

  • Yeah I'm pretty sure I'm already immune to some of them. As one of the first 2 doctors I saw when I was at college in bristol used to hand them out like sweets to me until I finally said something and she reffered me to an ent. To be honest even after my operation docs have given me them a lot for sinus infections. Thank you x

  • Glad you went to Drs and are now on steroids - hope you begin to feel better despite the lack sleep .

    Take care of yourself and keep us posted 😀

  • Thank you Rainbows! At least I don't have to get up for work this time till Thursday on them x

  • I hope you start to feel better soon.

  • Thank you asthma girl! X

  • Really feel for you. It's so hard trying to keep going when you have bad asthma. I hope things improve for you. Best wishes.

  • Hi Angie, I am a bit better today thank you for your message :) have got my voice back kind of so nice to be able to speak again! Thank you xx

  • My gp never gives me antibiotics now. He does chest xray and blood tests. The says no infection markers so it must be a virus so you do not need antibiotics. It seems to be the new trend. Although I do not mind I find antibiotics just give me diahorrea and running to toilet when breathless is last thing anyone needs. So I am all for no antibiotics.

  • Oh that's a good idea Julie! Yes I hate them also. One antibiotic I had to stop taking once as it left me on the toilet and throwing up for days! X

  • Pleased you have got your voice back. x

  • Hi , hope you are feeling better and the Steriods are working X

  • Hi Rainbows, I have been back at work yesterday and today struggling with my voice on the phone to customers. I feel better in myself but have still green phlegm coming up mostly in the mornings after a long time asleep X

  • Glad you managed to get back to work but concerned about you still not being well ☹️ If it's green phlegm sounds like it's an infection which you really need antibiotics for . I would suggest gown back to your dr or getting a telephone appointment and explaining the problem . Do you do your peak flows - if so have they dropped or have they improved since the Steriods . Take care - keep posting 😀

  • Ah I have no idea any more, my boyfriend is still coughing up green phlegm too but doesn't seem to be too phased by it as he hasn't had antibiotics for probably 10 years. Oh I wish I could say the same! Thank you for your kind replies x

  • Yeah but he doesn't have asthma - does he ?

    You need to be really careful because if the infection gets set in you could end up really poorly, and at risk of damaging your lungs long term . Take care xx

  • No he doesn't. I know, I think I'm just scared of needing antibiotics and having to take anymore time off. I'll give it the weekend and see how I feel Monday but am defientley feeling better than this time last week! Xx

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