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So after a bad night last night waking up breathless and coughing, I decided to ring 111 this morning. They advised me to go to a and e after saying I had a tight chest and chesty phlegmy cough. I decided to go to my walk in centre just as the nearest hospital is about a 30 minute drive. Saw a woman who did my oxygen on my finger, took my tempterure and listened to my chest. She didn't think it was a chest infection, told me to increase my purple and blue inhalers (never have to take blue unless I'm ill) and to go back tomorrow if I feel worse and she will give me steriods? I thought steriods needed to be used after treating the infection? Anyway does anyone have any home remedies for a phlegmy cough? I'm off to buy ginger as I can't afford to call in sick on Monday as I've had so much time off recently :(

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  • The only thing I find that works is inhaling steam, like in a bath, I'm fairly skeptical about most homely remedies.

    The steroids reduce the swelling in your airways and help your breathing.

  • Thank you allyla, I will try anything! Yeah I have some spare steriods in my cupboard but always thought that they had to be used in line with an antibiotic first X

  • Steroids can be taken on their own if you've not got infection if it's gone and has left you with irritated airways.

    I find inhaling Olbas oil drops in hot water helps and I carry an Olbas stick as well !!

  • I'm with Allyla, steam is good for opening up the airways and loosening off that nasty phelgm.

    hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you Beth! Hope you are well? X

  • Hi there are basically 2 types of exacerbations. The first is a chest infection where you would normally get ab's and maybe steroids. The second type is a worsening of your symptoms but with no infection which is what the doctor diagnosed you with. In this case you don't need ab's but just steroids.

    With a bad cough one of the best things to do is drink plenty of water or squash (not tea coffee, alcohol etc.) which makes phlegm easier to cough up. x

  • Thank you for your reply! I've learnt something new I didn't know, always thought they had to be used together as have only ever had them together or one after another. I have been downing water today! And I made myself a ginger tea earlier. Chest is not feeling so tight now just sound very nasally when I speak and the green phlegm appears when I cough X

  • You are welcome. I always thought the same too until a doctor put me right. Having said that if you are coughing up green phlegm that usually means a chest infection so it might have turned into one in which case you do need ab's x

  • I think I'm just going to wait and see my doctor tomorrow if I can as the nurse/doctor I saw at the walk in centre was not very helpful! X

  • That's a good idea Helenhn. Let us know how you get on x

  • I've been sick quite a few years with chronic bronchitis and don't have insurance. My bronchi are usually congested and I cough a lot and bring up the phlegm. Strong menthol cough drops help me with my breathing a lot.

  • Thank you Donna for the tip! Do you live in the USA then if you mention insurance? X

  • Yes, I do.

  • I agree with comments below steroids can be used with or without antibiotic. If your phlegm is green you need seen again?

  • I will try and go to my doctors tomorrow. Although I'm sure I'm going to have to be off work again which is not good as have just been off for 5 days! X

  • It's hard I'm going to get home from hospital today but know I'll have sick leave and like you not been back long

  • Aww I did not know you had been in hospital, what was you admitted for? And glad to hear your going home! Yeah it is hard. A lot of people have left my work recently and a couple signed off sick too so they are struggling with staff as it is :\ x

  • It was an exacerbation of my asthma that triggered my angiodema. Home now and much better👍

  • I'm glad your in your own home now and feeling better xx

  • You need to get to the dr Heen , ESP with your immune problem you are much more prone to infections and you need an action plan and ask you GP about a rescue pack which contains steroids and antibiotics so you can start straight away without waiting to see GP with some guidelines - better to be off work for a few more aye than end up in hospital having to take weeks off - believe me , I've been there 😞. Take care of yourself and keep us posted on how you get on xx

  • Hi Rainbows, my immune system is not great no! I take a daily centrum multivitamin but not sure if that helps. A rescue pack sounds like a good idea! A doctor who has now retired from my surgery gave me emergency steriods when I last needed them in Feb. Aww no that sounds horrible! I have text work tonight but also have to ring up tomorrow, I will thank you xx

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