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What's your experiences during an exacerbation?

I'm in the middle of my second ever exacerbation and I feel awful. I visited my GP today and I'm on prednisone now, but I'm continously gasping for breath and i can't finish a sentence or do any physical activity. I've never been hospitalised so I can't imagine how bad it must be for those of you that have. It's very embarrassing coughing and gasping for air in a quiet office, I'd love to be able to not go in and rest, but I'm unable.

I'm just wondering what you're experience are of flare ups and whether you have any helpful advice for me.


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Hi sorry to hear this - it is frightening isn't it? It sounds like just an exacerbation and not an infection as you haven't been given ab's. The steroids should kick in very soon and you should be feeling a bit better. x


No they said my temperature was ok so no infection,but I feel so awful!


Hopefully the steroids will kick in after a day or so and you will begin to feel better. If you don't get any better or feel worse then go back to your GP.


Sorry to hear you're not well. Totally understand how you feel. Been coughing for weeks after a chest infection. Had steroids, 2 lots of antibiotics, been to hospital, now on montelukast - no sign of improvement yet. Also still been working & sent home today after attack at in the office, luckily had my nebuliser with me. Was embarassing though, never had to do that at work before. Back at docs again later!!

Hope you feel better soon.


Oh hope you're ok soon! I find asthma symptoms in work embarrassing, I work in a large quiet office and have a loud cough and audible wheeze too.


Thank you. Hope you feel better soon too.

I said exactly the same to my husband! Feel like everyone gets fed up with my coughing fits! And sat with my nebuliser on at my desk yesterday was awful. Like my husband said though....might make them realise what you go through.


My cough is awful too and when I used to work in a contact centre I always had a big glass of water (it was so big people thought it was a vase), and always had a finger hovering over the mute button.... x

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