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Fluid on the lung/asthma attack

Hey all hope you all ok

had to call 999 tonight as i could not breath with fluid on the lung/asthma felt a little guilty calling them out but the paramedic was brilliant, pumped me full of ventolin PF was 200 when i called them out nearly went in hospital but i am going to see how i am overnight i can still hear my chest rattling with fluid. strange thing though my sats was not too bad so is this normal? he didn't bother listening to my chest as he said he could hear it rattle from where he was sat - LOL

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Sorry to hear you're not well but I'm glad you avoided hospital for now! Feel better soon. I've felt terrible before but sats have been fine, it's strange isn't it!


Hi I understand how you are feeling but please don't feel guilty. Not being able to breathe properly is a medical emergency and you were right to call out the paremedics. I hope you are feeling better very soon. x


Know what you mean....always feel guilty. My sats are often fine but can't breath and/or stop coughing. It's wierd!!


Some doctors look at sats and say oh your oxygen saturations are good 94% even when my peak flow is 200 and i cant breathe properly. I wish theyd realise that oxy sats does not mean i breath good.

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Hi .... (Just catching up on posts) you really shouldn't feel guilty calling out the emergency services. That's what they're there for !?

Hope you feel better soon !

P.s. My o2 and hr can also appear normal despite being very wheezy

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