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Asthma attack in France 😔

Firstly hi I haven't been on here for sometime! 3 days ago I had a bad asthma attack after being on drips oxygen salbutamol steroids I left hospital & my hubby managed to get us home yesterday. I've been left with a chest that feels like the attack could repeat any moment, dizzy shattered & headache that almost comes then stops. If I try to do the slightest thing it all gets worse. Anyone felt like this after an asthma attack? Is it normal? TIA

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Firstly, really hope you feel better soon. I always feel worn out, tired have a headache and feel light-headed for a couple of days afterwards too. Get plenty of rest and see your GP if no better.


You have been very poorly it can take weeks to recover but get checked out by your doc or asthma team now Home you may need more anti biotics


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