Chesty cough

For the last week I've been feeling unwell, runny nose, dizzy, achey etc. Steadily my peak flow had been dropping, I've got a chesty cough and I feel constantly short of breath.

My pb peak flow is 570 but today I got only 350 but it wasn't really a true measurement as it stays me coughing in trying to do it. I know I am best seeing a gp but wondered what they could do as it's likely just to be a cold. Don't want to waste an appointment to be told there's nothing they can do.

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  • do you have allergies? Maybe you could speak with a chemist, they are really good. Then maybe they can advise you about GP as regards to wether you need to be seen or not.

    hope your get better soon 😊

  • I have hayfever but it doesn't affect me too much.

    That's a good idea re: pharmacy, shall find one tomorrow.

  • It maybe seems as though the hayfever was affecting me more than I thought as the gp thinks hayfever caused a sinus infection which then caused a chest infection. I know when pollen counts are high, my asthma flares up, and I get sore itchy dry eyes an itchy throat and feel a bit congested but just managed.

  • If your peak flow is that low you need to see your gp. Especially as you do have asthma, and as you've had cold symptoms its likely that your cough will turn into a chest infection. As your asthmatic they may still prescribe you antibiotics even if they don't think it's a chest infection. If you do go to the gp try not to cough at all before you go in as then they will be able to hear the fluid build up in your lungs and will be able to get a better diagnosis for you.

    Hope this helps.

    B x

  • Thank you, I will try to get an appointment soon with my gp, although I fear it may be a while before I get in. I tried to see a pharmacist but they didn't offer much help and just told me to see my gp.

    I can hear gurgling and squeaking noises coming from my chest and as much as it's a chesty cough, I can't actually cough anything up (sorry tmi!!), so I'm hoping they shouldn't have any issue hearing what's going on!!

  • When you call up your surgery say you are an asthma sufferer and you are having asthma attacks and you need to see a gp asap. My asthma nurse told me to say that and trust me it works! Hope you get what you need x

  • Thank you, I think I might have to try that, I don't like to cause a fuss but my peak flow is down to less than 300 now and I'm exhausted.

  • Trust me I'm the same I hate to cause a fuss, but if your peak flow is that low then you really aren't causing a fuss x

  • Thank you, I will call asap in the morning. Fingers crossed!

  • do you have an asthma plan? I would speak to your dr or asthma nurse about one.. it gives you a clue about what to do when your peak flow is lower than normal...I need to change mine as my normal peak flow has gone down..

  • I have seen a locum doctor today. He said it's hayfever that's caused a sinus infection which in turn has caused a significant chest infection.

    He asked why I didn't take an antihistamine, said I didn't know I was supposed to, said all asthmatics should take them!

    So I've been given antibiotics, an antihistamine and a nasal spray and told to salt water gurgles too. I said should I just take the prescriptions until they're used up, he said yes. But surely if I should be taking an antihistamine, it needs to be on repeat?

    Also on my action plan, I'm supposed to double my preventer, which I've done, but I've no idea how long for?

    It was all rushed and he wanted rid of me so never got chace to ask anything properly. Plus because I'm so short of breath, trying to ask in sentences was difficult.

    So I don't feel any the wiser. And I'm supposed to be going on holiday at the end of the week.

  • hmmm... never feel rushed at a Drs....especially if you are feeling bad..... if your sentences are difficult to do.. it means that your asthma is not good... when I get that bad I go to hospital... as I can get bad very quickly...when you do an action plan it should be explained to you how long you should double up...and what the next stage is when that doesn't work... I doubled up for weeks when I didn't know what to do... now I double up for about a week and if my peak flow is still not getting any higher I see the dr again...if my peak flow gets lower I go see the GP sooner... or go to hospital...if your dr is turning you away when you can't finish a sentence... think you need to change GP' GP used to be a bit like that years ago, but they know me now and know if I get that bad... its straight to hospital.. have proved to them time and time again not dealing with my asthma is not doing me any good... and it is not good your Dr is not dealing properly with yours...makes me angry some GP's are treating asthmatics like it is nothing... it kills... people die all the time from asthma attacks...ughhhh.. sorry rant over! LOL

  • Don't worry about ranting, I understand and i really hate being rushed, the usual gps aren't so bad but we've had a few leave and now have 3 different locums.

    I had a chat with the pharmacist when I picked up my prescription and he explained my prescriptions more (i like to know what I'm taking and why). He said the antihistamine is a short term one only, I would need to go on a different one if I needed it long term. I also have a steroid nose spray to reduce inflammation up there!

    I'm going to ring the gps tomorrow to find out how long I should be doubling my preventer.

    I also haven't been given any oral steroids which I though I should get ... or will doubling my preventer be enough?

    Funny, locum said to me 'do you smoke' I said no, I never have .... he listened to one place on one side of my chest and said 'oh wow, erm, are you sure you don't smoke?!' ... I think I'd remember lol 😂

  • Wahoo, managed a peak flow of 400!! Those antibiotics have obviously started doing their magic after 48 hours. Loads of gunk has cleared off my chest, there's still rattling but nowhere near as bad as it was. Nose is getting clearer with the beconase too.

    Spoke to the gp and he said to remain on doubled seretide until I feel better(?!) so I'll go with doubling until my peak flow is back in my green zone and once I'm not using so much blue inhaler.

    Any ideas how long before I'm over this fully? Want to get back to training again. I'd like to think by the end of the week ( I don't do being ill very well!)

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